Friday, July 19, 2013

Final Musselman 70.3 Thoughts

Did you miss the recaps? Check out the swim, bike and run!

I hope you didn't think I was done talking about our first 70.3, because I'm not!

Still smiling, next time I need a photo with Mike

I've had a few days now to think about what Mike and I accomplished and how the race really went, and what I want to do differently next time. Because, of course, there is going to be a next time and a time after that and a time after that, and well you get the idea. 

After finishing Seventy. Point. Three. Miles. wow, is what comes to mind first. Before April 2011, I never even dreamed of doing anything like that, at all. 

A true comparison of couch to Half Ironmen

I don't think I am better than people who haven't done a 70.3, for some that isn't their dream. I do, however, think that I am a better version of me than I was in the hours before I became a Half Ironman.

Did the race go perfectly? Ha, not even close, but it wasn't a disaster either. The swim was basically perfect, with the exception of starting a little wide and getting stuck in some of the seaweed in the shallower part of the course. 

Smiley all day

Focused and determined

The bike is probably what I am the most determined to improve on for next time. I did get 15mph, just barely, but I really wanted 16mph or above. With our new bikes I am going to get even faster and I just need to trust that my legs aren't going to die on me. Mike killed the bike with almost 19mph (his watch said 19.2 but we both had over 56 miles as the distance) and I want to be as close to that as I can.

Am I racing or modeling?

So serious

I handled my nutrition well on the bike, I could have maybe taken in one more round of energy chews but I definitely felt like I had enough in me calories-wise. Mike took water from the aid stations, and ditched two of his bottles in the process, but I never did. I should have after I ran out of plain water, I had water with nuun in it but I usually don't drink that very much while racing.  I am definitely going to take in more water next time, especially if it is hot!

Getting more comfortable being in aero

Mike needs this photo!

For someone that does not do well in the heat, picking a 70.3 right in the middle of July may not have been the best decision I have ever made (and yea, I realize that Ironman Louisville is going to be worse). Musselman did a great job of providing water, ice, sponges, etc. out on the run course so that people didn't overheat. I never noticed anyone pass out or need medical attention on the run (although I'm sure that there were people who did).

 Yep, still smiling

I said right after the race was over that I was disappointed in how often I had to walk, and Greg told me that I shouldn't be because it was 86 degrees out (probably actually hotter than that).  Next time I would like to run more, even if it is slow, and try to push myself even more. For my first 70.3, finishing was the main goal but I really wanted to come in the 6 hour range, and I was 6 seconds off of that goal.

When I saw the clock, I thought I was a few minutes above 7 hours thinking I had a 5 minute buffer not 7 minutes
Thinking about the race on Monday night, I realized that if I hadn't waited for water at the water stop around mile 9 (where they ran out and were filling a bucket), I would have come in under 7 hours. Mike told me that there were probably lots of other "what if" situations that I could play back over and over again in my mind, but that one is a pretty big "what if". What if I had just kept going when I saw they were out of water? Would I have gotten to the finish line faster or would I have slowed down because of dehydration? Who knows, but you better believe next time I am coming in well under 7 hours. 

 I AM a Half Ironman!

Don't get me wrong, I am SO proud of us! There were a few days there that we weren't even sure if Mike was going to race because of his bike crash and then he had only swam once in about three weeks before the race. He hadn't done a long run of more than 9 miles since well before the B.A.A. 10K and he dominated Musselman! I know he isn't that happy with how his run went, he walked a lot, but I am so proud of him. Even more proud of him than I am of myself. 

Almost there!

I wish I could have seen this moment!

I'm not sure when our next 70.3 is going to be, we are doing a sprint in August (just registered last night) and a Half Ironman relay in September but other than that there are no more triathlons for us this year. Next year we have BIG plans. We are doing a 100 mile triathlon in June and Ironman Louisville in August, so there may not be time for another 70.3. We'll see.

There's one thing that I wouldn't change. I wouldn't change who we had with us for support. Amber and Greg amaze me more and more, and I am so thankful that DailyMile brought them into our life. Sarah and Mark picked up our spirits at just the right times and Mike's parents were there to bring us in to the finish.

Why I didn't get a picture with these three I'm not sure, oh wait because I was a little delirious at the finish

I can say with 100% certainty that there are a few more people that I wish had been there for us in person. They were there for us in our hearts but seeing them would have brought even bigger smiles to our faces on Sunday.  Without a doubt, I hope that my parents, and even my brother, can make it to our first full Ironman next August. We'll need more support there than ever!

Thanks for indulging me with all these posts about our first 70.3. It is kind of like your wedding day, you dream about it for so long and then it is finally there and it goes by in a blur. I wanted to record as much as possible before little details started to get lost!


  1. Great write up Jamie. Again congrats to you and Mike. You both did great. We always have a few things we wish we did better. That is what keeps us coming back. I am looking forward to watching your training from afar. Take care and have fun

  2. Congrats again! I hope I enjoy my first 70.3 as much as you did! Love the bike photos too--you look like you're having so much fun, and that's what it's all about. :)

  3. Congrats!! What an amazing accomplishment!

  4. Such an amazing day you had! Love the photos!! I was sending you guys good thoughts all day. So sorry I wasn't able to make it. <3 <3

  5. Wow. So hot for a summer race and a long one at that. I don't do well in the heat either, but I think you really pulled it out and did awesome.

  6. I really hope and pray we are geographically able to come spectate in Louisville. Ha. Who knows were the CG will send us. I just hope it's not too far from y'all and your dreams.

    1. I hope so too!! But you will always be with me <3

  7. You guys are awesome! What a great accomplishment:) I am so impressed with your swimming Jamie and I am jealous of all the awesome race pics! You look great in all of them, how did you pull that off?!

    1. Haha! I have no idea. And these are all of them, except doubles of the bike photos (just a little further away) and leaving the bike transition (because I couldn't find a spot in the post for them). Usually I look good in about 2 of them.

  8. Congratulations. Wow what a great accomplishment

  9. What an accomplishment! It sounds like both of you had pretty great races, so bask in that glory =)

  10. I just read all four posts! Great job to you both! Enjoy the post race glory and have fun with goals for the next ones.

  11. Congratulations Jamie! I am so happy for both you guys and I know you both must be so proud of yourselves and each other. What an amazing accomplishment!