Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Training Lately

I wrote about the first time Mike and I hit over 100 miles for the week (swimming, biking and running) a little while ago. I am proud to say that it has happened again the past two weeks!

Two weeks ago we hit 108 miles, which included the Keuka Lake Intermediate triathlon, and this week we hit 118 miles.  118 miles, I barely even drive that in a normal week (right now doesn't count since I'm not working)!

How did we get that many miles in a week? Here's a break down of our workouts:

Monday - off
Tuesday - rode 31.25 miles
Wednesday - ran 5 miles, swam 1,500 yards
Thursday - shortened brick (due to rain): 15 mile ride, 2 mile run
Friday - ran 3 miles
Saturday - ran 9 miles, swam 3,000 yards
Sunday - rode 50.5 miles

We actually cut out 5 miles of biking and 500 yards of swimming, but overall it wasn't a bad week! The weather was pretty lousy all week, but we lucked out and the sun came out on Sunday for our longest ride yet!  Our ride was an out and back along Lake Ontario from Webster to Sodus Point which included riding by the lighthouse.

So gorgeous

We should hit over 100 miles every week until Musselman Triathlon, which just shows what kind of work you need to put in to accomplish your goals! Right now we are gearing up for our longest ride, that we will repeat a few times before our 70.3 - 60 miles.  While the bike leg is "only" (haha, yea only) 56 miles, we felt like it would be a good idea to go over that distance a few times.

Mike and I train, a lot. Last week was almost 11 hours of training, but when you want to finish a 70.3 and finish it happy and coherent, it's necessary.  Next year during Ironman training we will be putting in more hours in the pool, saddle and on the road and I wouldn't change a thing!

And our training is a family affair, Bernie did some work this weekend too!

Swimming up a storm


  1. Awesome work! You need to start logging Bernie's miles, too!!

  2. Wow! You are officially my hero! Nice work, guys!

  3. It's "only" 56 miles--love it! There's definitely something to be said for those "bonus" workouts that have you go farther than the race distance. That way when you're hurting (the pain is inevitable, right?), you'll know you've pushed past it and gone even farther.

  4. You log such high mileage, it's awesome. First, I'm really jealous of your ability to drive less then that weekly. I really need to work on how much I'm driving around town LOL, gas is killing my budget right now. Though I do fully admit it is still much cheaper than upstate NY.

    Second great week of workouts. You are really hankering down.

    Third, 56 miles of biking...dear god. I know you say it's "not that much" but um...yeah...LOL

    1. Haha I guess my sarcasm didn't shine through, I definitely don't think 56 miles is short! Though I will eventually when we start Ironman training :)

  5. Awesome job on the mileage! It's so fun to see your training coming together for the big race!

  6. Wow. That's amazing that you've had so many 100 mile weeks now. I'm going to get there soon. I just need to get back on my feet for running. And it's so nice that you're able to do it together. I always wish my husband was into endurance sports...

  7. You have been KILLING your training lately! Keep it up you guys!!!

  8. yes I LOVE the attitude! you are doing it to finish feeling good!

  9. Can Bernie do the swim leg for me? I love your attitude about training. You get out what you put in and you two put in a ton!

  10. Great job! I honestly think that your goals are amazing. Keep it up!