Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Marathon

The marathon. 

Last night Mike and I went to go see Spirit of the Marathon II with our friends Amber and Greg, I loved it!

Mike and I watched Spirit of the Marathon before we ran our first half marathon back in 2011. 

Mike cheering me on to the finish

I'm not going to give anything away for those who haven't watched the movie. It's not like there is a big secret or anything but I want you to witness the stories firsthand for yourself.  I will just say that there were times that I was tearing up, smiling, laughing and agreeing with the people included in the movie.

It made me think about our first marathon, my first finish and Mike's first attempt, the Wineglass Marathon

The first half went wonderfully (although I could tell prior to crossing the mat at the halfway point that I had gone out too fast). 

Still running strong, and running period

The second half was mentally tough. I had already started to run out of steam and then combine that with seeing Mike decide to DNF, I didn't know if I could go on.  I had to dig deep down inside of me and somehow, anyway that I could, finish that marathon.  

This is sometime during the second half, smiling though I hurt so bad

They say you will always remember your first marathon. I will and I am starting to forget the bad times and remember the good times. Like our friend Mark, running up to me at the best possible moment to help push me further.  A perfect stranger offering some of her energy chews to me (I didn't take any). A pacer running by me and as I was walking patting me on the back to try to push me forward.  Another stranger telling me to stick with him because he was going to get under 5 hours and then as I passed him in the end I tried to do the same for him.

I will also remember my second marathon, the Cleveland Marathon, for different reasons. It was our redemption race and Mike's first marathon finish. It was special and although it didn't go the way either of us wanted - we crossed the finish line happy. 

Much happier

The marathon is inspiring in and of itself, whether you are running it or other people are running it. Mike and I have had the pleasure of volunteering at two marathons and spectating at two marathons.  We cheered our hearts out for people we know personally and those we did not.

Mike and I also were a part of something else that is truly special: running with our friend during her first marathon.

  We love Crystal!
I have yet to have a second half of a marathon go well for me, I am hoping that changes at our upcoming marathon in October. I will not be racing this marathon, although that could change the day of, but rather I am running it for fun. It is my hometown marathon, the Mount Desert Island Marathon, and I want to soak up running in a place that I love.  

I will have Mike there with me, our friend Isaac and our friends Crystal and Joe. I hope to get to meet some other bloggers and runners that I know are running the marathon.  I hope that my parents will come cheer for us and see us at the finish line.  And I hope, no I know, I will cross the finish line happy.

So the marathon.

It's the little moments. It's the sign you read at mile 20 that makes you laugh and the friendly person running next to you that says, "what were we thinking?", and then fist bumps you. It's knowing, but not truly knowing, that people are checking Facebook to see how you are doing and being overwhelmed by the love and support after you finish the race. It's seeing a friend who needs some support and you run to her and tell her she is doing an amazing job. It is running with one of your best friends during a monsoon in the middle of the winter and telling her that no matter what you are going to get her to the finish line of her first marathon.

It's getting to the end of your second marathon and only really caring about seeing the one you love, to confirm that he has become a marathoner.

It is all those moments and more. It is 26.2 miles of moments. 

Moments that I hope to live and re-live many times.


  1. Wow! You guys rock! Although I won't be there in body, I will be cheering you on through the interwebs.

    And, yes, to the strangers who offer support and encouragement. They don't know how much they rock!

  2. Damn you Jamie. I am weeping over here. I love you guys so much!!! I love this post too. I am so excited to see you both next weekend.

    I am so thankful for running. It has introduced me to amazing friends like you and Mike. I can't imagine life without your constant encouragement and inspiration. You have always pushed me to be more.

    MDI is going to be epic. I know your heart will experience the absolute bliss mine did in KC.

  3. Also I just discovered that none of my other comments have ever posted from my FB app window. Dang. And now I know....

  4. Oh the marathon. I think everyone should run at least one.

  5. I really want to see that movie!

  6. Ahh! I love this post. I have had three failed attempts at the marathon: an injury, "life" getting in the way of training, and now getting pregnant. So, I am hoping 2014 is finally my year!

  7. I've heard great things about this movie! No lie, I cried more than once during the first movie. True #runnerd status, right? ;)

  8. Love this, Jamie!!! Beautifully written, tearing up over here!

  9. This is honestly awesome. As someone who has just started officially training for their first marathon, I love to read how people finish and can inspire. I've heard every marathon is different so I can't imagine. I'm glad you have finished and finished happy and hope to be able to say that after NYC.

    Which if I finish...then I'll be happy.

  10. I have not seen either of the movies... but the first one seems to be on Hulu... so I know what movie I will be watching this weekend. I have had so many great experiences at Marathons... I LOVE them!

  11. I am doing my first marathon in November in Philly and I am not sure if I am looking forward to it or not, it is too far away right now. The HIM I am doing at the end of Aug is closer and scarier right now. My husband who will have done 7 marathons by then is pacing me and I am looking forward to that. Doing a marathon is something I have to do on my journey to a Ironman. I know I need to do it and I will and I will try to have fun while doing it because having fun is the whole point of doing what I do.

  12. Have you guys picked out your winter/spring marathon yet? I cannot wait to hear what you choose.

  13. Loved the movie and loved this post! I keep saying once I finally run NY, I don't know if I want to run an other one, but I have a feeling that will all change before I know it. ;)

  14. Great post! I have run 5 marathons, and each one is special for different reasons. Best of luck on your third!