Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Quirks. We all have them.

I for one have already admitted to chewing my hair. I also eat sandwiches by pulling them apart in tiny pieces, rather than eating them the normal way.  Mike smells paper.

I have developed a few quirks, or characteristics really, as a triathlete.

We already know that I do this.

This happens every time on the bike

I have also learned how to grab and open almost anything on my bike.  I keep my chews in a ziploc bag in my jersey's back pockets, that way I don't have to open the original package which would be a pain.  I also have been known to hold my water bottle by my teeth because I couldn't put it back in my bottle cage at that moment.  

Since we are outside for most of our training, except swimming but hopefully soon we will begin primarily doing open water swims, I have some lovely tan lines. 

  I don't even bother covering them up

My mind thinks in terms of distance. I know certain distances from one point to another because I have run or rode there numerous times.

While looking for new bikes yesterday (we're going back tomorrow to get tri bikes possibly!), Mike gets in the car and says, "We need carbon bikes because I want to..." and before he even finished his sentence I knew what he was going to say. (For those that don't know he wants to lift it above his head because it will be so much lighter than our current bikes)

Going into Wegmans and only buying energy gels and chews is a completely normal activity for us.

Our standards

Traveling to new places, or places that aren't Rochester, excites me because it means that I get to map out running and biking routes that are different.  I also enjoy mapping out routes in Rochester, don't get me wrong!

It's funny to think that most of this stuff would never have crossed my mind as being something that would be a part of my life. While they are "quirks", they are actually rather normal aspects of my life as well.

I wouldn't change a thing, even if it does mean I have 5 different tan lines on my legs!


  1. Great quirks! Mine is not washing off the numbers on the back of my legs for awhile. I worked hard for those numbers, I want to show them off! I just pretend like I forgot thy were there. Haha!

  2. That shot bloks are SO good! Definitely my favorite!

    I have weather quirks. Before we even get out the door, I know windspeed, which direction it's out of, and if/when any storm fronts will be rolling through. Its my thing. I also have "flat Sarah" laid out every night for the next day.


  3. Love the tan lines! :) I had so many quirks with swimming. The way that I rub the inside of my goggles, the order in which I dry myself off afterward. So many. With running, I have a habit of counting to a certain number in my head over and over.

    In life, I have to eat an even number of things (like if I am eating almonds, I need to eat 10 or 24, not 11 or 25) so that I have an even number of them for each side of my mouth...maybe I'm just OCD?! haha

  4. I am starting to develop quirks, as a runner. Things like the way my hair is pulled up to how my shoelaces are tied. I'm a total mess!

  5. First, I'm impressed you were able to go to Weggies and only buy nutrition--that's some serious willpower! One of my quirks is painting my nails before races, and I also *need* to have an odd bib number; even ones don't sit well with me.

  6. LOL that is awesome. I am certainly impressed with your ability to open so much on the bike.

    I have a lot of swimming quirks but really haven't developed a lot as a runner.

  7. I love this concept of running/workout quirks:) Mine is stopping at every water fountain on the lakefront path when I run.

  8. Ha! I love those tan lines!

  9. As you probably know... I smell paper too!! Used to love smelling the new copies of paper I got at school!

  10. Quirks???????? I thought that was normal! ;-D

  11. Love the tan lines:) And I am also a pro at snot rockets;)

  12. You and I are rocking very similar tan lines right now but mine are just from running and working outside on the farm at my parent's house. I shudder to think how bad my stomach and back are going to burn when they finally see sunlight this summer.