Tuesday, June 25, 2013

B.A.A. 10K Race Recap

I was originally going to recap the entire weekend with the race recap, but I decided to split them apart. 

So to not keep you in suspense, here is the actual race recap.

First, I need to back track a little bit.  When I found out that two of our friends, Amber and Crystal, were both going to sign up for the B.A.A. Distance Medley (5K, 10K, half marathon), I wanted to go spectate one of the races.

The only one that fit with our schedules was the 10K.  Then, on April 15th the Boston Marathon bombings occurred and I decided that instead of spectating the 10K that I wanted to run it. The registration for the Medley happens before registration opens for the stand alone race so we had to wait to register.

The day registration opened Mike, our friend Greg and I all registered.  Crystal also registered her husband Joe and we all got in!

Unfortunately, Joe was unable to make it to the race because of work.  We all missed him and the race wasn't the same without him being there!

On Sunday morning Crystal, Mike and I woke up at 6am so that we had enough time to get ready for the race and walk to the T (it was a little over a mile away from our hotel).  It was already warm out that early in the morning and I knew that we were going to be in for a hot race.

 Riding the T, we all look sleepy

We got to the race start a little bit after 7am and we immediately went to use the port-a-potties. Luckily, there weren't any lines!  We didn't have to pick up our bibs because we had all received them in the mail so we just went to where we had decided we were going to meet Amber and Greg prior to the start.  We saw them soon after we got there. We also saw some of the elites warming up, and I said I wanted to touch one. Maybe their awesomeness would rub off on me?

Mike representing TrailsRoc

Around 7:45am we all walked to the corrals, self-assigned, and Crystal and I went into the 8:00-8:59 pace corral. After a few announcements and a moment of silence for the victims of the Boston Marathon bombings, the National Anthem was sung and the wheelchair division was off.

We had awhile to wait because they sent the corrals off one at a time and around 8:10am we were running.

I had to dodge some people in the first mile, which is typical of a larger race, but I tried to conserve my energy as best as I could.  I was shocked that I was able to get my pace down to 8:30 and I just tried to maintain that into the second mile.  I honestly don't remember much of the first miles of the race, except that I missed the first mile water stop, and I just tried to keep up the pace.

The second mile came in at 8:32, and this time I got some water which I desperately needed.  It was already really hot, Crystal and I had commented on that while we were just standing waiting for the start, and I felt my pace slow.

The race course is a semi-out and back and a little after two miles I saw Greg making his way back on the other side.  I kept my eyes open for Mike and I saw him! I gave him a wave and he waved back.

 Not the same time, and Marathonfoto didn't get ANY photos of me

It was at this point that I knew I wasn't going to have a perfect race, I was overheating and it was just getting worse.  I saw Crystal pass by, but she didn't see me, as we were running up the hill toward the turn around.  Mile 3 was 8:58 pace.

At the turn around we ran over the 5K mat and my split was 27:05.  I took water at every water stop and started to dump water over myself.  The second half of the course was hotter than the first because we were running into the sun.  Luckily we were running down the hill so I picked up the pace for the fourth mile and came in at 8:45 pace.

I knew it was going to be close for me to PR and I just told myself that what I was running in was most likely going to be what I will run in during the half marathon of Musselman 70.3 in three weeks.  Mile 5 was 8:51 pace and at this point I knew I just had to maintain in order to PR.

I skipped the last water stop, because there was less than a mile to go, and tried to keep the pace. I was slowing down slightly but we made a turn and there were people cheering us on to the finish.  I could see the Mile 6 sign, I came in at 8:59 pace, and then made the final turn.

You could see the finish for what felt like forever, I saw Mike on the sidelines cheering me on, and I pushed it to the finish line the final .2 miles (7:59 pace).

I finished in 54:42, which is my new 10K PR!  While it wasn't the huge PR that I was hoping for, I still accomplished what I set out to do and considering the heat I am happy.

 Mike likes to stretch on the Boston police motorcycle

After making my way through the finish chute, I went over to get my t-shirt (but I stopped at the therapy dogs first, of course) and then found our group at our designated meeting spot.

The girls after the race

 No jumping for Amber

Mike finished the race with a huge PR of 47:13, his goal was to run the race at 7:35 pace and he did just that.  Everyone else had great races with PRs, except Amber who was injured but she did amazing considering the circumstances.  After a few group photos, Mike, Crystal and I parted ways with Amber and Greg. 

 The five of us, love them!

As Crystal said: a Mainer, Missourian and New Yorker running (and jumping) for Boston

It is hard to describe how I felt running through Boston, on some of the same streets as the Boston Marathon, but some of what I felt was pride.  I did get emotional during the opening remarks before the race and at the memorial that has been set up near the finish line, but I never once felt scared.  I am the type of person that feels if something is going to happen, it's going to happen.  I don't live my life in fear.

In the end I guess I felt pride, honor, happiness and yes some sadness while running this race with my amazing friends and husband.

At the Boston Marathon finish line


  1. Great job!!! Sounds like a fun race! And I'm sure it was pretty emotional at the memorial.

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