Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The Thoughts of a Marathoner

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Three days after my second marathon, and Mike's first marathon finish, I ran! It was only two miles, but they felt good and faster than I probably should have gone.  Yesterday, Mike participated in the Corporate Challenge with his co-workers.  I decided not to participate since we wouldn't be racing and my company does not pay its employees' entry fees, but Mike's does.

Walking with one of his co-workers

It was a fun time and I enjoyed cheering on the runners/walkers and our friends.  The storm after the race was a bit of a downer, but we didn't get too wet. 

My personal Facebook friends have probably realized this about me, but I experience post-race depression often.  I don't really experience it with 5Ks or 10Ks, unless it is an amazing race, but I do with most everything else. I have a hard time accepting that the training, the race, the fun times are truly over.

 Pure bliss

Which is why I usually end up registering us for a race immediately after.  However, this time I didn't get to do that because we are already registered for Musselman (70.3) in July and our next marathon in October, the MDI Marathon.  

I know that I announced on the blog that I will attempt to run an ultra this year, but that is going to have to wait.  There are a few reasons but the main ones are that Mike doesn't have any PTO left, hotels in NYC in November can be ridiculous and I want to run a marathon in early 2014. 

I don't know if I will always want to be a two-marathon-a-year kind of runner, but while I can do it, I want to do it. 2014 is going to be the year of the Ironman so I wasn't sure if a second marathon would be a good idea.  However, if we do one early enough then I think we would have enough time to recover before seriously starting Ironman training.

Right now the top contenders are:

The Bermuda Marathon - January 19, 2014

This one just looks like fun, and who wouldn't want to go to Bermuda?

ING Miami Marathon - February 2, 2014

Our friends Amber and Greg are running the half and would be there to support us, which would make a huge difference during the second half of the race.

Albany Marathon - March 1, 2014?

Flat and fast and right before my birthday, and this would give us some extra down time before starting to train after MDI. 

As happy as I was with the outcome of Sunday's marathon, I still know that I can do better.  I'm not sure if the MDI marathon will be the marathon to try to PR, though.  It is my hometown marathon, we are running with friends and it is HILLY!  I want to just enjoy the experience and not have to worry about PRing, at least that is my thought process for now.

To some I may be "obsessed", and yea I probably am a little bit but there are worse things to be obsessed with, but to me I just know I am capable of so much more.  I enjoy putting in the work, which if you think about it is the main part anyway - the race is just the celebration.

Now we just have to decide which marathon to run in early 2014!


  1. I love having another event to train for next... I do MUCH BETTER when I have a goal to work towards!


  2. I am bummed that GCI Ultra is out for you - Gary announced that this summer is the last one. I vote you do Bermuda! Why not!? Way to go on your marathon! You are amazing!

  3. Definitely worse things to be obsessed with, and I always get the post-race blues too. SO MUCH goes into it, and it's just hard when things end. On to big new things for you, my friend!

  4. oooo, Bermuda sounds awesome!

  5. I really want to try and do 2 a year two. I, like Mike apparently, have very little time off though. Only 3 personal days so it is hard.

    I have a huge dream list - but here is part that fits your schedule:

    Travel Races: (Partly based on races I want to run, partly based on cities I would love to visit.)
    Dopey/Goofy Challenge (Disney) – early Jan.
    Rock & Roll New Orleans Marathon – early Feb.
    Austin Marathon – mid Feb.
    Princess Half Marathon (Disney) – late Feb.
    Napa Valley Marathon – early Mar.
    Asheville, NC Marathon – early Mar.

    1. The New Orleans one is a possibility for us as well! Hmm..

  6. I would like to also point out Louisiana Marathon. Not as crowded as the rock and roll new orleans and less crazies.

    It's in Baton Rouge and I shall be there probably running it.

  7. Btw... bermuda in jan will be beautiful.. but the locals will tell ya its too cold to swim there... we did anyway.. brrrrr

  8. Miami would be so much fun--especially in February when it isn't too hot. ;) I had a blast racing there in April, and my only regret is I didn't turn it into a "race-cation" and stay a few extra days.

  9. I don't know if it's 'obsessed' or solely yearning to do better. Working on getting my life in order, but I'm desperately wanting to sign up for a fall full (would be my #2) just so I know I can train for time... to prove that a) I already know I can finish a 26.2 but that b) I can run for a kick-ass time and PR by something good.

    I feel ya! And yes... Bermuda would be AWESOME.

  10. I often sign up for the next one before I run the current one, so I completely understand the feeling! Wishing you happy feet at whichever race you decide on!

  11. I definitely understand the post race blues. Excited to see which one you choose!!