Sunday, May 5, 2013

Summer is Here

We have gone from winter right into summer here in Rochester, which unfortunately meant that we skipped my favorite running weather (50 degree temps if you wanted to know). 

 Bernie enjoying the weather

Since our busy weekend of racing last weekend, Mike and I have been up to a few things. Unfortunately, the Monday right after Flower City we got a stomach bug that caused us to both come home from work early.  We basically slept the day away and then because we were so weak on Tuesday, we didn't go into work that day either.

Luckily we are in taper mode for the Cleveland Marathon so this wasn't that big of a deal, and better that it happened this week and not in a few weeks! My runs haven't felt that great since Flower City, but I'm hoping that I will feel better this week. 

After recovering, this weekend was full of fun summer activities! We met up with our friend Jess for a 12 mile run yesterday morning, which went alright as I mentioned before, and then we got dressed up for a Derby Day party. 

Mike in his element

 Me and my new friend, Bethany

Our friends Eric and Sheila host an annual party on the day of the Kentucky Derby and everyone gets dressed up.  I opted to forgo the hat, but I did wear a dress which never happens. 

 Mike and Eric at the OTB

 The betting group

We even made a trip to OTB and placed a few bets, I don't think anyone at the party won any money though!

Oh yea, check out my tan lines (or sunburn lines)

After going to bed early because of all the sun we got, we were up and ready for a 35 mile ride this morning.  The route was extremely hilly, there was almost a 900 foot elevation gain, but it was gorgeous out there today!  I enjoyed seeing some horses, cows and I especially liked seeing "Ziggy's Farm" toward the end of the ride. 

We ended the ride and quickly got ready to go to our friend Greg's daughter's kid's tri.  It was so cute!  I loved seeing all the kids swimming, biking and running their hearts out.  We brought our cow bell so that we could cheer for everyone.

 The transition area

This weekend was really fun, but exhausting.  We only have two more weeks until our next marathon and I can't wait! We're just going to try to enjoy the taper and the summer-like weather!

How is the weather where you are? Did you go to a Derby Day party?


  1. We had a beautiful day but only 56 degrees... That lovely ocean breeze. It was so cool that you saw Ziggy's farm!! I do miss him!!
    Sorry that you guys were sick :(
    Looks like a fun party!!

  2. I am with you! I love love love 50 degree running weather. We went straight to a bit too warm....but I think I'm acclimating okay....just assuming it's going to be warm for the I may as well suck it up! ;)

    I wore my camelbak backpack today - and got strap lines across my chest! ha ha ha!

  3. Our weather has been rain all week. Boo!
    A kids tri sounds like the cutest thing ever to watch!

  4. It was beautiful here yesterday too--perfect day for running and riding (and celebrating Cinco de Mayo). And yes, I got sunburned, which means spring is here, and summer isn't too far behind. ;)

  5. I know right, I was just thinking that yesterday...the weather did a complete uturn. I was dying of heat stroke at the mountain goat ha ha.

  6. I've only ever seen you in a wedding dress ;) looking good Jamie. I see you and I share bot only these weather extremes but also the burn to go with them :)

  7. How fun! We went from 30's to 88 for two days then back to 30's so not really a spring here either. Our Derby day was just a bunch of us sitting picking our favorites and yelling at the TV.

  8. I was just asking a friend last night if this was normal spring weather, I've been away from NY for so long that I have nothing to reference it to. I was hoping to hold off on buying an air conditioner, but it doesn't seem like I'll be able to!

  9. Don't fret - the cold is probably coming again. Early last week we were in shorts/tanks (80's weather) and then end of the week we were back in winter coats (30's with rain/sleet and even some snow just west of us). Mother Nature is on crack this year. You might get some spring weather yet. Nothing like turning off a/c and turning heat back on and then turning a/c back on. Ugh!

    Liked the pics of your derby day party. I have some friends that do that, but not us. Kids tris are awesome to watch. Nothing like the little ones with training wheels going all out! LOL Need to find a race for my daughter this year since we aren't doing the one she has done the last two years.

  10. The weather here can't decide what the heck is going on. It will be nice then freezing. Sunny and warm than almost winter like and gloomy.

    Look at you in a dress! Adorable.

    TWO WEEKS!!!

  11. I'm pretty sure our summer started in March, hah. I'm just happy when I can get a run in before it's over 70*, and even that won't be too much longer. Glad you're feeling better!!

  12. Your dress and hat are adorable! You look amazing, girl! Glad you are feeling better and everything looks like a great time :) (minus the sickness..)

  13. Glad you guys could come on over! Derby day was a blast glad you joined us!!!