Saturday, May 11, 2013

Fundraising Giveaway for Project R12

I mentioned a few weeks ago that Mike and I are running the Cleveland Marathon for a purpose, to raise money for Project R12's SafeHouse in Sala, Uganda.

The marathon is only 8 days away and over the last week I have been in contact with some of my favorite companies to set up an amazing marathon fundraising giveaway for all of you!  I would love to get closer to our goal of raising $2,620 for Project R12, therefore, my hope is that most of you will donate to our efforts.  However, it is not mandatory for you to donate to enter the giveaway, but you will get extra entries if you do!

If you donate $10, the minimum amount Crowdrise accepts, then you can get 2 extra entries.  If you donate any amount above $10, you get the 2 entries for the $10 and then 2 more entries for the amount above $10.  To keep it fair for those who cannot/do not want to donate and to help spread the word I have added the option to tweet about the giveaway everyday for a total of 2 entries each day.

If you don't want to enter the giveaway, but really all of the prizes are amazing so you should enter, you can still donate on our fundraising page, here.

Thank you to all who have already donated, and to those who I hope will donate!

Now on to the wonderful items included in the giveaway:

Gen2 Aspaeris Pivot Shorts

I think most of you know how much I adore pivot shorts, I wore them today during our last long run of this training cycle, and one of you could win a pair of Gen2 shorts of your own! I own five pairs, four Gen1 and a pair of Gen2, and I can attest that they are amazing.

Wearing my Gen1 during our last half marathon

Even if you don't win a pair of shorts, you can still purchase any of their items for 40% off until the end of May using the discount code, SPRING, at checkout (you need to log in to their site to use the code).

$50 Tommie Copper Gift Card

Tommie Copper makes a variety of products ranging from calf sleeves (love them!), shirts, gloves, tights, etc.  They have a bunch of fun new colors and if you win this item you will have $50 to spend on anything that your little heart desires.  Personally, I love my calf sleeves, knee sleeves, tights and half finger gloves (for interpreting soreness).  Mike also has a pair of the men's shorts and he loves those too!

Finishing up my first marathon wearing TC calf sleeves

Malya Rosa Headband

Recently one of my Reach the Beach teammates, Stephanie, contacted me about trying out one of her headbands for her new company Malya Rosa.  The headbands are great for working out, running or even work attire.  The ribbons that Malya Rosa uses are cute, fun and can be coordinated with any outfit. 
I wore mine to work the other day

Malya Rosa also gives back by donating 5% of every purchase to Dress for Success and The Girl Effect. One person will have the opportunity to win one headband of their choice.

$35 Road ID Gift Card

For my birthday last month, my friend Crystal asked me if I wanted a Road ID.  Since I never run with a phone, even when I am not running with Mike, I thought it would be a good idea to have one!  Road ID has plenty of options to chose from to accommodate any athlete, and then your family and friends don't have to worry about you as much while you are out working up a sweat! If you win this item you will get a $35 gift card that will help pay for your own Road ID.

 My Road ID

4-Pack of Nuun

Again, I think it is easy for anyone to see that I love Nuun! I have tried almost all of the flavors and I have loved most of them (I'm not big on orange)!  Mike and I turn to Nuun when we need to hydrate and replenish our electrolytes, but we don't want any extra sugar.  We even turned my mom into a Nuun lover!  The winner of this item will be able to pick a 4-pack of their choice, personally I would go with a 4-pack of one of their new flavors: cherry limeade, lemonade or watermelon. Yum! 

I think it's safe to say we like it

Again, there is no purchase (donation) necessary to enter/win, but any donations are greatly appreciated.  The giveaway will remain open until midnight on May 20th and the five winners will be announced later that day.  

Enter the Rafflecopter Giveaway below for your chance to win one of these amazing items!


  1. All the prizes look wonderful!!! And what an amazing fundraiser, too! :)

  2. I ran a virtual 5k this morning and got 3 new PR's :)
    Great charity to raise money for - well done

  3. Michelle Sawyer-HouleMay 11, 2013 at 7:59 PM

    I'm *so* loving this blog... I am running my first 5K in Brunswick in August. I don't know how much further I'll get than maybe a 10K someday, but you are truly, truly inspirational!

  4. I've got a half coming up next Saturday which is going to be quite an adventure since I've been sick.

  5. I love that you guys are doing this! We don't realize how lucky we are in the US to walk to a room, turn a faucet and have clean water. Seriously lucky.

  6. Woohoo! This is awesome! My next race is an 8K in early June!

  7. Next race is Bluenose 10K next weekend. Ran a half marathon last Sunday.

  8. My next race is the Antioch Run for Freedom 5k on the 4th of July.

  9. I'll be running a local 5K in June with my husband and stepdaughter ;)

  10. I am registered for a half marathon in September, but am looking for races close to home. I am also going to be doing a few virtual runs with the Moms Run This Town chapter where I live

  11. This is awesome, Jamie.. and for such a good cause. Just finished the last race on my calendar... considering a summer tri before fall marathon training begins!

  12. My next race is the Lake Padden Tri in mid-June. It's going to be my first tri!

  13. My next big race is the NY Marathon. This one has been on my bucket list for quite awhile. Will be my 3rd marathon overall, and the first one where my family will all be at the finish line!

  14. next up for m e is a 5k the longest runway 5k

  15. My next race is a small local memorial day race.

  16. Sugarloaf Marathon this Sunday. I will be running with a friend!

  17. I had to defer my marathon this coming weekend :-( Boo! But I am running the Ann Arbor Marathon in MI on June 9th! So excited!!

  18. I'm doing one next month! Ahh so excited!

  19. I have a 5K coming up two weeks from now! mary987 (at) hotmail (dot) com

  20. I hope you had a good race today! For a great cause too!
    I raced the Portland RNR 1/2 marathon today. My next race is an oly tri in june!