Friday, May 31, 2013

First Tri of the Season

How is your last day of May going? I can't believe that tomorrow is June 1st and that in two days we are going to be competing in our first triathlon of the season, hopefully.

After Cleveland, Mike and I have been recovering and shifting gears to focus on the last two months (really less than that now) of Musselman (70.3) training. While we had been training for Musselman at the same time as Cleveland, we did have a heavier focus on running.  Now we are focusing more on maintaining our running base and increasing our biking mileage.

These have been getting a lot of use

On Memorial Day, we set out for our longest ride yet: 40 miles. Normally it would have been an "off" day for us but since we had a busy weekend we had to make up our ride. I wish I carried a phone with me while we ride (bad I know) or at least a camera so I could have taken some pictures.  The route was pretty gorgeous and we were almost alone out on the roads because of the holiday.

We've continued to build up our biking mileage and did our longest mid-week ride yet on Wednesday: 28 miles.  This ride was a little bit scary because we were battling 20-21 mph winds.  That may not seem like a lot but when you are on your bike and it is mostly crosswind, you hold on to the hoods for dear life and hope you don't get blown over or blown into a car!

Speaking of scary rides, this weekend's weather is not looking very promising for the Keuka Lake triathlon.  Mike and I are doing the Intermediate distance and right now the weather prediction is thunderstorms, rain (70% chance) and high winds of ironically 20 mph.

Not looking that enjoyable

Right now my biggest worry is the race being canceled. Last year they emphasized that if there was ANY lightening that it would be canceled on the spot.  Since we are using this as a training race for Musselman, I would be pretty upset about this happening.  I also don't know if we would be able to find another race to do instead if this does happen, so think good thoughts about the weather for us!

And just like last year, we are going sans wetsuits.  We will probably be two of the five people who do so but we are strong swimmers and can handle it.  Our transitions will be faster than everyone else at least!

Swim leg of last year's sprint

Worst case, if the race does happen and the weather is horrible, we'll just go into it to have fun.  We know we can finish so that's all that matters! And another plus, my number probably won't be "666" again like it was last year!

Who else is racing this weekend?


  1. Congrats on those long rides, and good luck on your first tri of the season! I hope that it happens!! I just got back from a morning ride and we have storms blowing in, so the wind was 15-20 mph and it was a bit scary! I didn't even realize you could get blown over until someone told me that it had happened to them yesterday and then reading this! I have a question. I'm a strong swimmer and have some fall triathlons planned where I know wetsuits will be legal. Why do you choose to go without one versus with one? I've heard that there is a lot of buoyancy when wearing one, but how much time does that save? I don't own one and have so many other things to think of buying first. Thanks so much!

    1. Hi Meghan! We actually don't own wetsuits either, and I probably would still go without one as long as the temps are above 60 degrees (current lake temp is 65 and it should go up a few degrees the next two days). It does help with buoyancy but I wouldn't even consider that necessary for us, and other strong swimmers, until the half Ironman distance where you might get tired. I actually think as a swimmer I would find it awkward wearing basically a flotation device while swimming! For us I think it will always come down to temperature if we wear one or not.

  2. At the one race I did last year, I think I was like the only one without a wetsuit...I have one, but I just don't need it if the water is warm!! My swimming is the least of my worries! Hoping the weather stays nice for you :)

  3. I really hope the race isn't cancelled for you too. The one and only tri I trained (very very I did 1 15 mile bike ride) was cancelled due to storms...can't say I didn't try though. I'm doing a half marathon this weekend. Either way good luck and glad to hear you are recovering well from a great Cleveland race!

  4. You are such a beast! I would love to tackle a tri someday - you certainly are an inspiration! Congrats on the long ride!

  5. good luck this weekend! fingers crossed the weather holds out for you!

  6. Good luck with the race--I hope the weather cooperates! Half marathon for me on Sunday.

  7. Good luck this weekend!! No racing for me... but I'll be cheering for you. :)

  8. Good luck this weekend! I am racing my first race of the year- a local 10k. I haven't decided on my first triathlon yet, and I must say that I am glad I didn't sign up for an early one. The water is around 14°C right now and there are some triathlons in my area that changed to a duathlon the past weekends.

  9. Crossing my fingers for the weather to hold off!! Good luck this weekend!!! :)

  10. Good luck! I will look for you race morning! SD is doing the Oly as well & I'm doing the Du to try out the bike before Musselman (sprint only).

  11. Yikes, that weather forecast doesn't look promising ... but the weather people always seem to be inaccurate, right? ;) I can't imagine swimming in 65-degree water without a wetsuit--you are tough!

  12. Oh man, hopefully the rain holds out! Good luck this weekend!

  13. I hope the weather holds out. I will be doing my tri sans wetsuit too because I am too cheap to buy one for a sprint.