Sunday, April 14, 2013

Thoughts During a 20 Miler

Yesterday Mike and I ran our second 20+ run of this training cycle! We only have one more and then it is time to taper! The last one is a little bit different, though, because we are doing a duathlon on the Saturday (5K run, 20 mile bike, 5K run) and then a half marathon on the Sunday.  Not the best way to do our last "20 miler" but it will have to do, and it is going to be challenging and faster than we would do a normal 20 anyway.

I thought I would share what goes on in my head during a long run. I did this once before for our 19 miler last training cycle and thought it was time to share again!

Wow, this wind is BRUTAL!

I think we are going too fast, we should slow down a little bit.

I don't like this fuel belt.

"Hey girl, that fuel belt makes your butt look good". 

I really wish I didn't have to hold this paper anymore. (It had our route on it)

This strawberry Clif Shot energy gel tastes like honey. 

I wish Mike's fuel belt would stop squeaking!

Look at those Great Danes (there were three of them)! Their ears are sticking up over the fence, so funny!

We have been on NY 31 for FOR. EV. ER. How much longer? (We were on there for about 8 miles)

Aww, Bernabi Road. I call Bernie, "Bernabie" sometimes. 

That hill was a killer, I'm tired now!

Finally we are turning! Hopefully no more wind in our faces, now.

Look at those cute horses, they have purple jackets on!

I'm ready to be at the canal path now.

Just get to Jess (our friend who ran the last 7 miles with us).

Is that Jess? No, I think it's just a sign.

Is that Jess?? Yes, it is!

I want to move (still in Rochester - we were talking about new houses).

We haven't seen many other runners out today.

Where is that tailwind we should have right now?! So cruel. 

Aww, crap. I don't want to have to stop at this crosswalk! (The only time we stopped during the run, for 5 seconds, we didn't walk either).

I can't believe Mike just put his energy gel packet in that donation box!
I'm sure Mike had a garbage plate yesterday for lunch (after Jess said having a garbage plate wouldn't be great fuel for running - and yes he did have one for lunch).

I'm starting to get tired, and Jess and Mike are getting away from me. 

Just catch up to Jess.

I don't think I'm going to do the 21 miles we had planned, but I'll do a little over 20.

Running is not fun right now.

Just get to the dog park.

Just get to that overpass. 

Jess is done, new PDR for her! I just have a little bit to go.

Look at Mike go, he's going to do the 21 miles.

Just get to that flag.  I'm over 20 miles.

I'm going to stop now! 20.08 miles not bad!

Well, there you have it. That's what I think about while running long.  I ended up doing 20.08 (yes that .08 is important) miles and Mike did 21, new PDR for him as well! We both held under 10 minute pace the entire time (9:52 average pace for me and 9:49 average pace for Mike).

I'm feeling confident going in to Cleveland, especially since we have now done two 20 plus milers this training cycle.  Last time we only did one and it didn't go as well as these two have (we stopped, we walked, etc).

What do you think about while running?


  1. Generally, I think to myself 'this is stupid, it hurts, I don't enjoy it, why do I keep entering races, I could be sat on the sofa with a cup of tea right now, this is stupid...' and so on. Then I finish the run, and think 'that was a fab run, I really enjoyed it!'

  2. Wow I'm so impressed that you guys ran the entire thing besides the one crosswalk. With the wind I know that wasn't easy and you guys ran a strong pace too!

  3. Love the Ryan Gosling reference! Sometimes during training runs, I get the strangest food cravings: "I could really go for a burger and fries right about now. But sweet potato fries. Yeah, sweet potato fries." And then when I'm done, I don't feel hungry--so strange!

  4. Love your thoughts! Great job as usual! :-)

  5. I love Ryan Gosling and I wish he really was at the finish lines of my races! Great job on your run! 20.08 miles seems like an impossible distance to me!

  6. Congrats on another 20 down... sounds like you are ready!

  7. Bleh the wind was a pain this weekend and I only ran 13. I was wondering if the paint stripe at the edge of the road offered additional cushioning. Ha!

  8. I plan things, fundraisers, future runs, go over conversations in my head, think about the scenery, think about nothing, it all goes through my head at some point!

  9. I am the same way. A million thoughts and so twitchy. Tree, squirrel, faster, slower, keep going, dog...
    Also, around mile 15 I become a nasty old sailor and all my thoughts involve curse words. YIKES!

  10. My thoughts hover somewhere in the "running is stupid" area from about mile 12-20 of a long run. Then when I'm finished they hover in the "running is awesome" area. Go figure. During races I never have those thoughts, only on solo runs (I don't run with anyone, so I have lots of time to think...too much time).

  11. LOL, this made me laugh. It sounds like my brain when I run. The fuel belt is the best. I personally like to run a couple of loops so I don't have to hold water but it would be nice to be able to just run one giant loop sometime.

  12. Most runs, it's early enough that I'm just trying to remember my name and not call the dog by my daughter's name. But once I'm lucid, I often talk to my dad (he died in 1999). It's the time I can have to myself to go off on tangents that I don't "have time for" during the course of a busy day. I also think about food a lot. Maybe I'll have to copy this idea on my next long run - I have Pat's Run this weekend, so maybe that would be fun to see what I actually think about during a race! :)

  13. That's an awesome pace for 20 miles! I did my longest run to date this weekend, 14 miles. Is that what you are calling PDR? :-)