Wednesday, April 17, 2013

#RunForBoston - Hope

Yesterday, Mike and I ran.

We ran because we can and we ran because we had to, it would have felt wrong as runners if we didn't.  We didn't, however, run with our watches.  We already don't run with music, but leaving out the concern for hitting certain paces allowed us to just focus on what truly mattered.

I am amazed, but not really since I already knew that this community was amazing, at all of the wonderful posts and stories that I have seen during the aftermath of the Boston Marathon bombings.

Accounts of those who were there, and those like me who weren't, have been filling my personal Facebook page and my blog reader.  There are companies and everyday people just like you and me who have stepped up to find ways that they can help or honor those who were affected by the tragedy on Monday.

I will not be running the London Marathon, but we are racing this weekend.  Our team, "Sole Sisters and their Misters" will cross the finish line at Seneca7 together as a team and you better believe we will be #handsoverhearts.

All of the proceeds of this shirt, and the other version with a footprint, put out by Moms Run This Town will go toward helping the victims of the Boston Marathon bombing.  Mike and I have already ordered our shirts, he went with the footprint and I went with the skyline.

One of my favorite companies, Aspaeris Pivot Shorts, is donating 10% of their April proceeds to the Red Cross of Eastern Massachusetts.  You can also use the 40% off discount code, SPRING, at checkout for the next two weeks. I ordered a pair of the pink Gen2 shorts today.

Locally, TrailsRoc is offering free entry into their 0 SPF Trail Half Marathon to those who were unable to complete the Boston Marathon because of what happened at the finish line.  They are offering this to 10 people and if you are interested you should contact Eric Eagan at for more information.

In addition, there have been numerous group runs held and future group runs and races planned in honor of those affected by Monday's tragedy.  It is amazing to see what runners do in times of hardship.  As I've said numerous times, we will prevail because we know no other way.

I would just change that to runners in general, we are a strong group of people who never ever give up!


  1. It's amazing to see the people and the businesses coming together, the running community is the best!

  2. I love what the London Marathon is doing. A very sweet gesture.

  3. Much thanks for the share!!!! Good post!

  4. The outpouring of support from the running community has been so incredible! It makes me proud to be a part of it:)

  5. Love the quote. This community is awesome!

  6. So much truth in that quote (+ runners in general)! It has been amazing to see just how steadfast runners around the world are and how quickly we pulled together in such a short amount of time. :)

  7. Those are great resources- thanks for sharing! I left my watch at home for my run today- just running was all I needed. Yes, we are a resilient group!

  8. I've never had so much determination to get back to the finish line as I do right now--I love that we are not running away, but continuing to pour ourselves into what we love, and not letting anything stop us--that is so the spirit of our community!

  9. This has been such a strange and up and down week. It has, however, inspired me more than ever to qualify for Boston. It might take me 10 years, but I'd really like to run it one day.