Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Like the marathon, life can sometimes be difficult, challenging and present obstacles, however if you believe in your dreams and never ever give up, things will turn out for the best.
- Meb Keflezighi

Yesterday morning I woke up before 6am and posted a status on Facebook that said, "I'd rather be getting ready to watch, not fast enough YET to run, the Boston Marathon!! Good luck to all of my runner friends!!"

My feed had already started to become filled with posts and photos about Marathon Monday since I knew people volunteering, spectating and racing yesterday.  I knew as the morning went on I would see so many other happy posts and I was excited for everyone, and a little bit jealous.

Mike and I should have been in Boston, we originally thought about volunteering for the race and then later changed our plans to spectate.  However, because of the nature of my job I am only allowed to take vacation during designated times (finals and break weeks) and since I already called in sick a few times this year, once for real and other times for races, we decided not to go.

I watched as much of the coverage that I could, I was thrilled when I saw Dick and Rick Hoyt and I kept trying to see my friend Crystal who was volunteering with her husband, Joe, at the start line.

I had to interpret during the majority of the race, I was bummed, and I even told my team interpreter that I should have been in Boston.  As soon as the class was finished, I raced to my office to watch the end of the marathon.  I saw Kara Goucher cross the finish line and then watched the exciting finish to the men's race.  

After that I just kept looking for word on how my friends were doing in the race, and then I had to go to class again.

While in class I use my cell phone to keep track of time so that I can switch with my team interpreter (we usually interpret 20 minutes on and 20 minutes off), during one of my "off" times I got a text message from my friend Crystal at 3:01pm.

Explosions at the finish line.

I knew that she was alright since she had texted me, but my mind immediately went to my friends Amber, Amber's son and Greg.  Then I thought about my high school friend and RTB Relay teammate Isaac.  Then I thought about everyone else that I knew who was there racing or spectating.

I couldn't leave my class but I had Mike text Greg to see if they were alright.  I hadn't seen anything about him finishing the race, nor Isaac, and I posted on Facebook that I hoped everyone I knew (as well as everyone else who was there) was alright.  Isaac said he was and slowly everyone I knew was starting to make contact.

Except we hadn't heard from Amber and Greg.  I sent Amber a Facebook message and it just said, "please be ok".  I rushed out of my class as soon as it was over and sat in my office waiting for word.  Eventually I left, my shift was over, and I sat in my car on Facebook checking to make sure everyone I knew as alright and hoping Amber or Greg would get back to us soon.

Finally, at what seemed like it was longer than it really was, at 3:39pm Amber sent me a message on Facebook saying that they were alright.  As soon as I got it I sobbed in my car because I was so relieved.

While what I went through, really I wasn't there but people I knew were, pales in comparison to what other people went through yesterday, I feel like my own family was attacked. Honestly, my friends are like family to me and the entire running community is like family to me.

Mike and I were pretty somber yesterday and we just took our dog, Bernie, for a walk.  Today we will run, run for Boston, run for the victims, run for the running community and run for ourselves.

We will keep on running.


  1. Wonderful post Jamie, runners are family. I was glued to my phone checking in on people, and you're right, it really did feel like eternity. Keep on running, keep on inspiring...

  2. Great post...I ran today and thought and prayed for the poor victims of this senseless tragedy....innocent people who didn't deserve to be hurt...I will never understand it!!!

  3. Great read, thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  4. It was definitely sad and scary. Glad your friend are okay.

  5. I wasn't planning on running today but I think a walk or a run is in need today. My heart is broken. I can't even comprehend the whole situation yet, but I am just so glad this community is so strong.

  6. So glad to hear your immediate family/friends are fine. We were lucky too - hubby ran, but exited the finish area before the blasts.

    So devestating to us all :(

  7. I had a hard time putting my thoughts to words today.

  8. I was looking up finish times for some of my blogger friends (and their spouses) that were running to try to figure out if they would have been anywhere near the finish line at that time. Thankfully all were finished. Heartbreaking for sure.

  9. Yep, runners are family. Even tighter in adversity. Glad your friends are ok.

  10. Glad your friends were all ok. Allan and I spent the night cuddling with the dogs and just being quiet. It's hard to take it all in.

  11. :) Glad to hear all your loved ones are okay. Again - like said - Runners are family - whether we know each other IRL or not. The shared common interest and bond trumps any personal differences in times like this!

  12. What a great and touching post. I can't even imagine being there through it all. I'm glad all your friends are safe and sound.

  13. great post. glad you werent there and/or injured. also glad your friends/family are ok :)