Thursday, March 28, 2013

Blogging, Training and Racing

Happy Thursday everyone! I thought I would just share a few things with you today so enjoy!


Head on over to Two Red Birthstones and check out my guest post. As you'll see in the post Danielle and I went to high school together and I am really excited to follow her 5K journey!

 Make sure you go check it out!

Mike and I are currently on week 11 of marathon training and week 3 of 70.3 training. So far it has gone pretty well, we've had to cut out a few workouts here and there but nothing major. 
While the Easter Bunny visits everyone this weekend we are going to be pounding the pavement and getting friendly with our saddles. We have our first 20 plus training run this weekend. I say "plus" because if this weekend goes well, our next 20 miler will be changed to 21 or 22 miles. 

We are using the same 20 mile route that we used during our training for Wineglass and we are planning on meeting up with some of our friends along the way. Including these two lovely people!

Love them!

We haven't seen Sarah and Mark in a little while and we are having withdrawals. It was time to change that so I asked Sarah if they would like to join us for part of our run and they said yes!  I can't wait to see them while running along the canal path. Sarah and Mark are training for the mini-mussel which is the sprint triathlon of the Musselman races (where we are doing our 70.3).  We're definitely going to cheer them on!

This weekend we also have a 35 mile ride on Sunday. I'm hoping we can get outside since it will be nice, but we have to go practice clipping in and out first while not on the trainer.


Speaking of Sarah and Mark, they are two of our teammates for Seneca7 which happens to be our next race!   April is going to break our trend for the year of one race per month (who are we??), where we'll be racing not once, not twice but three times!  I guess technically it is only two weekends, but it is three separate races.

We'll be doing Seneca7 again with almost the same team. My mom, Mike, Sarah, Mark and I are all returning but we have the lovely additions of Jenny and her husband, P. Unfortunately Rena couldn't make it since she moved and Cat is injured, BUT she will be our team driver! I can't wait!  This year our team name is "Sole Sisters and their Misters".

 Can't wait to do this again!

The following weekend Mike and I will be racing in the Flower City Challenge.  We picked the Double Du which entails racing the duathlon (5K run, 20 mile bike, 5K run) on Saturday and racing the half marathon on Sunday.  

This will be our final "long run" of our training for the marathon. Although it wasn't the preferred way to do it, it was necessary since the marathon will only be a few short weeks after Flower City!

What's going on in your blogging, training and racing life? 


  1. I am doing a 14 this weekend and then squeezing in a 20 mid week since I am supposed to run it next weekend, but registered for a rec instead. Whoops. Have a great run!

  2. Good luck with your long run and your ride this weekend! Seneca 7 sounds like it's going to be so much fun. You guys have a great team!

  3. Getting ready for my fitness competition coming up in June! I have a 5K in Toronto where I'll get to meet some awesome FF peeps! (I can't wait!)

    Have great run and good luck with your training! :)

  4. Gahhh, so jealous you're doing the Seneca7 again this year! That was literally one of the best days ever. Is your team doing the biking and running option? ;) Keeping my fingers crossed for favorable riding weather for you too!

    1. Haha we aren't, I don't think everyone else would like that very much!

  5. Y'all do so many fun races - love following along! The duathlon sounds awesome. I'd love to be able to finally incorporate swimming and biking and eventually get up to a tri. You rock! :)

  6. Training is going pretty good. No real racing yet (minus a local 5K I did with my daughter). Duathlon in 2 weeks, sprint tri in 6 and first road century (not race, but ride to raise money for diabetes association) in 10. Still need to finalize my race plans for the rest of the summer/fall.

  7. Wow that sounds like a pretty busy time for ya. I'm actually coming over to Rochester for the 15k tomorrow. I feel pretty crappy so god knows how it will go LOL. Good luck this weekend with that 20 miler.

  8. WHY DO WE LIVE SO FAR APART?!?! (screams and falls to her knees) WHYYYYYYY?!?!!?

    I can't wait to follow along on your training. Love ya chick. Keep kickin' butt!

    1. Haha I just literally laughed out loud at this.. haha

  9. I got out for my first outdoor run was only 5km, but it felt awesome!!! Good luck with your training!!!