Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Around the Bay 30K Race Recap - Part 2

Did you miss Part 1?  Check it out here!

15K-20K (AKA running on my own)

After I left the group I kept my eyes out for Lyndsey, Ali's teammate for the relay, and I slowed my pace a bit. When I went by the relay exchange point, I saw Lyndsey and yelled out her name. We waved to each other and I continued on my way.

Mile 10 came in at 9:50 pace, which is what I had originally intended to run.  I kept going and as I approached the bridge, I saw the Burlington Canal Main Lighthouse. I probably looked like a weirdo because I was staring at it as I ran past.

 Shamelessly stolen from MacNic, this is what I saw though I wasn't with her at this point

As I approached the golf course I knew I was going to see some familiar sights (19.5K is where the last three person relay exchange takes place) and I just focused on getting to 20K. I gave myself goals along the way, get to 10K, get to 15K (halfway), get to 20K, etc. Miles 11 and 12 came in at 9:52 and 10:26 pace.  I knew I was slowing down and I was trying as hard as I could to keep up the pace.

Then the 20K water stop approached and I took a little bit of my second (and last) energy gel. Just 10K more to go.

20K-30K (AKA running to get to the finish)

The final part of the race is the hardest part, it has the most hills and you are tired anyway from running 20K. At 13 miles I thought to myself, "yes only 4.6 miles to go!" Then I ran a little further and realized that I actually had 5.6 miles to go.

The increments that I "gave" myself to get to got smaller and smaller. I just told myself to get to 15 miles, our longest run of this training cycle before this race, and then I would have just over 5K to go. Miles 13, 14 and 15 came in at 11:06, 11:48 and 11:30.

I kept expecting Colin to catch up to me at any moment, so I would keep looking for him over my shoulder. I was trying to focus on the spectators, some had some interesting signs like "run a zombie is behind you".  Each kilometer marker had a motivational/funny saying on it and I would read some of those as well.

 Somewhere during the second half of the race

At 25/26K I saw this old man sitting in a wheelchair getting high fives from runners, I couldn't get to him because I was too far over, and he had a huge smile on his face. I got a little emotional, I love old people, and it helped me prepare for what was to come: the biggest hill on the course.

We turned down a hill and then over a little wooden bridge and there it was, the hill. It wasn't the biggest hill I had run up before but it was big considering how far I had gone at this point (about 16 miles).  I ran up part of it, walked up a bit, and then ran up the rest. At the top of the hill spectators said, "just down the hill to Copps".

I went through the last water stop at 27K and knew that I was going to see the Grim Reaper at the cemetery soon. Miles 16 and 17 were 10:36 (I think that hearing "We Will Rock You" pumped me up a bit)  and 12:13.

I ran by the Grim Reaper, who was yelling about catching a bunny and making bunny stew (a pace bunny must have been near me).  Now it was all about survival, I put one foot in front of the other and just concentrated on getting to Copps. Which wasn't too hard to do since you could see it FOREVER.

Mile 18 came in at 11:13.  I was so close, I had about .6 miles (.69 according to my watch) to go. Everyone was cheering for all of us runners and then as I got close to the entrance to Copps (you finish inside) I saw Mike, and two people with him that I kind of recognized. For whatever reason I looked again and it was our friends Amber and Greg! They drove from Rochester just to see us finish and I said, "what are you doing here?!"

Then I ran down into the entrance of Copps, focused on not falling and turned the corner. There it was, the finish line! The end was near!

I crossed the finish line in 3:11:10 (10:15 average pace).  The last .69 miles was 10:40 pace.

 I was so glad to be done!

After I finished, I went through the line to get my food and medal.  After walking forever I  finally found Mike, Amber and Greg. I was so happy to see them! It was such a nice surprise to have them there, it really meant a lot to us.  Mike did amazing and finished the race in 2:42:21 (8:42 average pace)!

 Focused on his time even at the end!

After spending a few minutes with them, we saw Colin walking through the line for the finishers.  We went our separate ways and Mike and I went to meet up with Colin and Ali.  We waited for Lyndsey to finish and when she did we all had successfully finished Around the Bay! (Colin finished in 3:29 and Ali and Lyndsey finished in a combined time of 3:59).

 All of us after the race
Photo stolen from Ali

After we were all done, we took some photos and then went back to Ali and Colin's house. Mike and I had to get ready quickly (so we could pick up Bernie) so we didn't have much time to hang out with them. 

I love them so much and I always have withdrawals after leaving them!

As soon as we got in the car and started driving, I told Mike that we had to do Around the Bay again next year.  I think/hope that Ali, Colin and Lyndsey agree! It is becoming a tradition with all of us after all. 


  1. Great recap and way to pull it out during the end of the race. That old man/little person with "We will rock you" is just part of ATB lore. Great to meet you and we'll race together again soon. Milton is only 45 mins from Niagara so I'm pretty close to you as well as far as a drive goes, maybe I'll do my first road trip race in NY state!

    1. YES!! Please come to the states, we'd love to run another race with you! Although, we're probably going to do that 30K/15K in August (30K - me, 15K - Mike).

  2. Count me in!!! After such a crappy race I am determined to do have a good time (for me) next year.

    1. Yay!! And you didn't do crappy, just not your best :)

  3. Great job Jamie! Glad you had a great weekend with your friends!

    And for the record I totally almost fell down that ramp into the Coliseum!

  4. Nice recap! ...Colin told me about that insanely loud "we will rock you" song....he thought they may have had it on repeat....seeing as everyone is mentioning it, I guess so! lol

    GREAT performance!!! I think you did a great job. I love ATB I think it's a magical race, like you said. There's a reason it sells out so fast. lol


  5. Congrats! 30k is such a great distance to race...you should definitely put it on the race docket for next year!

  6. I am so proud of you! Great race :) I also love breaking races down into smaller increments to make them more manageable in my head!

  7. Way to tough it out! Sounds like a great time (save those hills) with great friends. Loved your recap!

  8. Way to power through and finish, Jamie! That sounds like such a tough race. The old guy sounds too funny for words. ;)

  9. To both of you! What great times!

  10. Great JOB!!! It sounded like a hard race

  11. Congratulations to you and Mike on a great race! Mike was flying! I'd say ATB should be a tradition since you guys have done it two years in a row.

    Completely unrelated note, how's Bernie doing?

  12. How cool that your friends came to watch you. You did great and holy crud if Mike isn't scary fast!

  13. Wow, you all did such a fantastic job! Congrats again!! Nothing beats running a race with friends.

  14. I love your recaps. Although, it usually makes me want to run whatever race you're recapping. You did awesome Jamie. You are so impressive. I admire your drive and motivation. Someday I'll be just like you when I grow up. I'm so proud to call you a friend.

    Excellent job!!

  15. Great job Jamie!! Now just think about what a massive PR you will have when you run your marathon at that pace!!! :)