Tuesday, February 19, 2013

What I do While on Vacation

Ahh, vacation.

A time when you get to smell the flowers, breathe in the fresh air and soak up the sun.

Alright, I'm not on that kind of vacation, but it's still wonderful in its own way. The college where I work is on the quarter system (for only one more quarter, unfortunately) so right now is finals week and spring break.  Since I have been working there for over five years I received an extra five days of vacation this year.  I decided now would be the best time to take my extra week so I am not interpreting any final exams, critiques, presentations, meetings, etc. It is LOVELY.

Now, what do I do while I am on vacation and everyone else (for the most part) that I know is working?

Absolutely nothing.

I sit around almost all day long and I am completely fine with that, granted we are still training for the Cleveland Marathon right now so I'm not sitting around all the time.

Vacation is my time to let my body and my mind recover. Interpreting can be physically and mentally exhausting and I know that spring quarter is going to be just as, if not more, busy than winter quarter.

While on vacation I like to catch up on shows, or watch new ones, that I know Mike would never want to watch. Some of my favorites right now are Switched at Birth (even though it is cheesy, I am a sign language interpreter so I have to watch it), Nashville and Smash. 

Seriously, goosebumps

Another good one

Mike has also gotten me addicted to Fruit Ninja.  It was hilarious last night when he came home and we played "against" each other. We were just sitting next to each other playing and would compare our scores, ha! My high score on arcade mode is 525, I'm sure it will be higher than that at the end of vacation.

What do you do to relax while on vacation?


  1. Glad you have some extra vacation time! Even if you don't go anywhere, time off is great! Let me know if you wanna get a run in together this week :)

    p.s. Fruit ninja is ridiculously addicting, I actually removed it from my phone and kindle because I couldn't put it down!

  2. I heard about them leaving the quarter system actually. I'm glad you can take off to just relax which is exactly what I do. I don't need any excitement...just a period of quietness.

  3. What school do you at again? I took a sign language class in college and the professor came from Rochester. He is deaf. He was wonderful!!

  4. I've never had a vacation took a couple weeks off each time I had my boys and then once in awhile I will take two days off together to work at the local fair.

    1. That's unfortunate, I hope you get to relax every once in awhile!

  5. I find the words "vacation" and "children" to be counterintuitive. We are going to take our first full week of family vacation this summer and I know I'll wish for a vacation from my vacation by the time we are home. But I take some days or partial days to myself from time to time (sometimes more than I should - self employed trap). I've been known to catch up on junkie tv, brain candy books and the occassional shopping trip (though rare - hate to spend the money when not making it). My kids (and me too) love Fruit Ninja. We've never scored that high though.

  6. I had a similar vacation as you: Mind and body, RELAX. NOW. Hahaha. Easier said than done! We watched some movies, cooked a bit, and (slowly) walked the (cold) beach. The least active I've ever been on vacation! ENJOY it and savor it! Mine has been cut short by three days. (Insert tears)

  7. Love Nashville and Smash! :-)

  8. Obsessed with Smash! I saw Jeremy Jordan (singer of broadway, here I come) on Broadway in Newsies last year...so good!

  9. Enjoy your vacation! Although I love traveling, I do like "staycations" too. :) Oh, and in April, I'll experience my first official racecation when I go to Miami! :)

  10. I have been loving vacation. I've been doing as little as possible but running during the day!!!! Tomorrow I'll be taking the kids to a super cute candy store. :)

  11. Sometimes you really need one of those vacations where you just get to do absolutely nothing and have no plans... It quite therapeutic! Although those beach pictures look pretty relaxing too :)
    Enjoy your time off!

  12. Beach time is never a bad vacation in my book but sometimes it is nice to just be at home and be able to rest and relax with each other.