Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Things I Love

Check out my guest post over at Healthy Happier Bear.  Ashley does a Marathons+Moderation series every week and today my story was featured.

Today I wanted to talk about things that I am loving right now. I am loving being on vacation, but here are some other things that I'm loving at the moment.

Thrift Shop

Oh I hope you have heard this song before, it is safe to say that I am obsessed with it.

Warning: some of the language may be offensive.


Alright, I'm back. I had to listen to it of course. You should see how I dance to this song, it is hilarious, to me at least. My goal is to be able to rap the entire song soon. 

Back when I was in college there would be some nights when I would listen to the same songs over and over again. Mike is lucky that this was before we were dating because my playlist rotation would include quality hits like "The Sign" by Ace of Base (sorry, I just had to go listen to that right now, I never said I was cool), Twista's "Overnight Celebrity" and "How Will I Know" by Whitney Houston (the Junior Vasquez mix of course).  I think now I would listen to Thrift Shop over and over again.

New Running Clothes

I am obsessed with new running and triathlon clothes, I am planning on doing a post about all of the clothes that I own if I can find a time when they are all clean. Last week I saw that Running Warehouse was having a two day sale and I decided that if the two items I wanted were still there the next morning I would buy them. They were!

Last night I ran in my new Saucony sportop and tights, and my headband and shoes of course. I looked like a running Saucony advertisement.


Mike and I haven't raced since January 1st, shocking I know. We haven't really had the time and very few races have fit in our training schedule, but all of that changes this weekend. We get to race again!

We're running the Hyannis Marathon relay as a two-person team.  More importantly we are reuniting with Crystal!

Our original plan was for the three of us to run the half, but then Crystal decided that running her first ever marathon should happen in February, in New England. A girl after my own heart, because I would probably do something just as crazy (our original, original plan was to run the Martha's Vineyard 20 miler, so yes I would do something just as crazy).

When I saw that they had a relay, I devised the BEST plan ever. Mike and I would still be able to get a half marathon in (which was really just so we could get it in as a training run) and we would run with Crystal. In essence, we are her marathon sherpas. I still don't know what order we are going in but it doesn't really matter, team "Drove From New York to Run with a Dork" is ready to do whatever we need to get her across the finish line.

(And I tried really hard to find a clip from "New Girl" when Jess is running across her toilet paper finish line and loses to someone from Zimbabwe, but I couldn't).

What are you loving right now?


  1. That song is freakin' hilarious! I love it too. Although I can't really understand a word they are saying, other than the hook. lol

  2. I'm obsessed with running/fitness clothes, too. Looking forward to your post of all your outfits!

  3. You should get Macklemore's album the is killer!

  4. Ooh, yay for new clothes! I'm itching to race again, too. My next half in two weeks!

  5. love that white/pink top! maybe ill be able to find it this summer haha. good luck at hyannis... wish i could see you guys there! have fun!

  6. Ha! I love that song too! It's hilarious! Even more so after you see the video!

  7. I <3 you guys!!

    It seems like I'm living in the Twilight Zone this week (or perhaps it's just taper madness on crack). Between wanting to drop a course, my marathon plans being altered since Joe's no longer reliable due to job, my work scheduled getting messed up, and a potential snowstorm this weekend.... I'm beginning to think that the odds are stacked against me.

    Well if I'm going down in flames (or in this case, on ice) then at least I've got friends beside me. Go big or go home right?

    And I have searched and searched for that New Girl clip and can't find it!!

    1. You're going to do great and even if I have to literally carry you (which might be cheating so we'll try to avoid that) you are going to get across that finish line!

  8. I am OBSESSED, all caps, with Thrift Shop. It's just such a fun, random but upbeat song!

    Have a great time at the relay this weekend !

  9. I feel like a walking Saucony advertisement every time I run or go to the gym. There are worse things :) p.s. I hadn't heard that song before...awesome! And for the record I STILL to this day know all of the words to most Ace of Base songs. Cant help but jam every time I hear it...those songs do reside in my iTunes, so I hear them on a regular basis!

  10. I love my Sauconys so far, but I don't own any of their fitness apparel--let us know how you like the clothes!

  11. I am loving that song too! I had to download it the other day. My kids think I'm the coolest. (at least for now) I am loving new shoes lately!!! :)

  12. I loved your post on Ashley's blog today! Between our marathon stories, and our attempts at chasing the same half marathon goal, I feel a little like we're kindred running spirits. I hope that's not weird... ;)

  13. I love that song and can relate. I haven't raced in a very long time and really starting to crave it again! Wish you both were running the Lake Effect half this weekend. ;)