Sunday, February 10, 2013

Online Workouts

Sometimes the monotony of a training plan can get to me. Sure we don't just run, we swim, bike and run, but for the most part our weekly schedule is the same.

This training cycle I tried to keep it interesting by adding speed work and hill work, but I also added one (and then later two) days of strength/core work. The problem with that is it can get monotonous too if you let it.

This week I didn't feel like doing Jillian Michaels 6 Week Six-Pack on our core work day.  Enter: the internet.

If you didn't know by now, the internet is a wonderful place if you know how to use it. You can find a million different workouts online, for free or minimal cost.

I searched Hulu, I don't have Hulu Plus but if you do there are even more fitness shows on there, and found an intense 20 minute workout called Six Pack Abs: Incredible Abs. Seriously, you should try this workout.

Then, I was on DailyMile and someone posted this workout from Blogilates

You really should check out her bog, she has a TON of other workouts and videos. I found another workout of hers on Pinterest (another great place to look for workouts) and I really want to try both of these sometime soon. 

And just now while I was researching for this blog post (I always switch the "6" and "Six" in the title of Jillian Michaels DVD), I found some Jillian Michaels full workouts on YouTube. Here's No More Trouble Zones. Actually if you subscribe to channels on YouTube you should subscribe to BeFiT, they have a lot of workout videos posted online.

Like I said, it can be confusing and overwhelming, but if you know how to look you can find some great workouts online. The internet can be an amazing invention at times!

What do you do to keep your workouts interesting? Where do you look for new and different workouts? Share please!


  1. I've been adding classes from the gym. I like to stick to kickboxing, yoga and spin - but I may try some of the others when I need to switch it up.

  2. I love daily burn (My friend gave me her log in info to try...she works for them...coolest. job. ever.). Also, popsugar online is pretty good! As always, Pinterest is always helpful ;-)

  3. I've never really done online workouts before. However, as I get healthier I want to incorporate more weight training and I think it might be fun to look up WODs I can do in my own little fitness center to push myself.

  4. Great idea-to look online for new workouts! I might have to start trying that!

  5. I'm such a creature of habit, so I tend to stick to the same strength training and core work routines. However, when they're starting to feel a bit stale, I'll look around the gym or weight area and see what other people are doing. (Also, people watching is never a bad thing!)

  6. If i'm looking for a quick workout with a little help i'll turn to hulu or on demand through my cable provider! They always get you moving!

  7. Yes, mixing it up is so helpful. And you're right, there are tons of ideas online. I've been using pinterest more lately, too!

  8. Going to do that ab video today:) Thanks!

  9. I save workouts from Self Magazine though they have some of them online too. Need to get better about DOING them. I had one from a while back that was no crunch abs or something where all the moves were ab/core, but no traditional "crunch" moves. It was tough!