Saturday, February 16, 2013

My Favorite Running/Triathlon Tools

I already shared with you some of my ways for finding workouts online, but there are so many other great tools out there for runners/triathletes.  I'm sure you are familiar with most, if not all, of these websites/tools but I thought I would share them just in case you weren't.


I joined dailymile (here's a link to my profile, add me as a friend!) a few months after I started blogging, which was about 6 months after we started running.  It is like the Facebook for athletes, you post your workouts and others can leave comments.  You can even share photos. 

 Do you like my profile picture?

Dailymile isn't the best website out there but if you like to see what other runners and triathletes are doing for workouts this is a great tool. It also allows you to keep track of gear that you use during your workouts. This is a great way to keep track of how many miles your shoes have on them.

 Just my running miles


I found out about RunningAhead a little while ago, and since I joined I LOVE it! I am never going to make training plans using Word again.

What the calendar page looks like

RunningAhead isn't as social as dailymile but it has a lot more tools and is more intuitive than dailymile. It keeps track of your exact mileage (not rounding like dailymile does) and you can customize it to keep track of different activities on your summary page.

 My Summary page

I haven't really delved that deeply into RunningAhead yet, but I am loving it so far. One thing that is really nice is that you can add up your interval workouts and it will provide the duration, pace and total time. No more adding it up by hand!

 My last track workout

Cool Running Pace Calculator

I don't use this often but sometimes I will use it to see what pace I need to run a specific distance at to get the time I want (I did this before pacing Sarah, even though we didn't hit our goal).  This is a great tool for new runners to get comfortable with different paces.

 We know what's on my mind

McMillan Running Calculator

Compared to the Cool Running calculator, this one is way more advanced.  You can use this calculator to "predict" what you should be able to run a specific distance at based on your other race times. (I say predict lightly because if you use your 5K time to predict your marathon time, it isn't going to be that accurate).

 My current half PR and goal half time

MapMyRun (or MapMyRide)

This is a great tool! So much easier than mapping out your runs (or rides) on Google Maps. The map will mark each mile and then when you generate the map it will provide an elevation chart.

Our long run a few weeks ago

It will also provide turn by turn directions while you are generating the map, which can be helpful for people like us who write out routes.  Mike and I use this for running and biking.

Do you use any of these tools? What are some others that I didn't mention?


  1. Cool! I've never heard of running ahead. Great tool!

  2. I use both RunningAhead and Garmin Connect and love them it when my miles are added up accurately and I just plug in my ANT!!

  3. I hadn't discovered RunningAhead yet, so thanks for the tip!

  4. I have been looking for a tool like RunningAhead, thanks for sharing!

  5. I can't wait to try running ahead! L
    Thanks for this post!

  6. Those are some great sites. I use Daily Mile & Map My Run, but that's it.
    THanks for the tip!

  7. Cool! RunningAhead looks awesome! Thanks for sharing!!

  8. I like dailymile a lot (and my team used runningeahead in college) but I hate not adding people on DM. I prefer to just add people that I consistantly read their blogs or live around me both in NY and VA. I get really annoyed easily on DM but track a personal record for me not to be social on runningahead. :-) As much as I'm complaining a bit, I do love DM a lot and seeing how my friends are doing.

  9. I sent you a friend request for Daily Mile and I'm checking out a few of the other ones you recommended. Thanks!

  10. Oh man! Runningahead looks awesome! And I love DM just for my own ability to look back on what I have done!

  11. I heard of or used most of these. MapMyRide is the one I use the most right now, but I don't have a GPS watch to measure my runs/rides. I've thought about Daily Mile several times, but never joined. I'm still the dork that posts my workouts on FB for my friends to pat me on the back.

  12. I use Daily Mile and am going to start using Running Ahead. Thanks for the tip!

  13. I use most of those, although I never joined Daily Mile and I didn't know about Running Ahead- looks awesome! Thanks for sharing!

  14. Just stopping in - what a great post. I'm definitely going to look into the Cool running and Mcmillan calculator! thank you!

  15. I am a MapMyRun addict since I don't have a GPS. Tomorrow I will map out a 12 mile route before I leave so I know exactly where and how far I am going.

  16. I use most of those, but RunningAhead is new to me--I will definitely have to check it out. Great post Jamie!

  17. Running Ahead is new to me too! I'll have to check that one out.