Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Hyannis Marathon Relay Race Recap - Part 1

I had the BEST weekend! I know I say this almost every time I race, which is one reason why I LOVE racing, but this weekend was so special.

After stopping briefly at my grandmother's house (who made us a turkey dinner, so cute), Mike and I made our way to the Hyannis Marathon race expo. On our way there, it was about 3:15pm, we found out that the race was ON!

We pulled into the parking lot of the conference center, almost went into the EXIT only even after Crystal told us to not do what Joe did, and we found our friends. Crystal was her hyper self and Joe was mellow as ever and we quickly made our way to packet pick-up. After some confusion about where the relay pick-up was, and trying to get out of taking a baton, we browsed the racks (for some rain gear) and then left.

 Team "Drove From New York to Run with a Dork" is ready!

We went to Marshall's and while we didn't find any running gear we liked, Joe found this SWEET (sort of sarcasm for Mike) Bruins hoodie. Then we went to our usual place, Stone L'oven. We've only been there one time before for the Cape Cod Half, but we did sit at the same table!

Love our friends!

Crystal and Joe were nice enough to let us stay with them, so we all went back to their place to relax for the rest of the night. Their dog, Atlanta, was really happy that Mike and I were there. Around 10pm we all went to bed and tried our best to sleep (I actually wasn't that nervous and slept pretty well).

In the morning we all got ready and since I was going second, I wasn't sure when/how much I should eat. I decided to just eat a piece of bread before we left and packed a peanut butter sandwich for later. We got to the conference center and we all dreaded what the weather was like: pouring rain. We thought that the rain was going to let up, most likely during my half of the marathon, so we just put on brave faces and got ready to run.

We also had a tweet-up in the conference center ballroom!

 We met Eric and Sara!

Right before 10am, we all went outside to see Mike and Crystal off. Joe was going to meet them later at mile 5 and I didn't want to risk not getting back to the exchange point in time so I was going to chill out in the conference center.

A little after 10am, they were off!

 There they go! Mike is holding the baton and Crystal is right behind him

I hung out in a hallway in the conference center and just played on my phone, and eavesdropped on conversations.  I started to get a MASSIVE headache and I began to worry slightly. I didn't want to say anything to Crystal (or anyone else really) before the race, but I was worried about fulfilling my Sherpa duties. I didn't want to let her down during her first marathon!

I just drank some water and slowly ate my peanut butter sandwich. Joe let me know at 10:58am that they were at mile 5, so I quickly calculated when they would arrive at the exchange point.  I wasn't sure if Joe was going to come back before I had to go to the exchange point, but he did.

Meanwhile, this was happening:

 Mile 5!

Mile 8!

One of my favorite photos from the race

Around noon I went to the bathroom, stretched and went outside in front of the conference center.  The relay exchange point (#2 for 4-person teams) was right at the start, and all we had to do was wait for them to call out "#30 is coming in" (our bib number).

At 12:18, I told Joe that I thought I saw Mike coming.  I then saw Crystal's red sparkle skirt and knew it was my time to be the Sherpa. I gave Joe my jacket and stepped out into the exchange point. I quickly asked the guy if I needed to carry the baton and when he said, "I won't be looking", I decided to forgo it (sorry, Mike!)

 Great job, Mike!

I high-fived Mike, started my watch and ran to get to Crystal.

And now you'll just have to wait to see how the rest went!


  1. Hi! New reader here and I can't wait to read more. Way to leave us in limbo! What terrible conditions for a run, but glad you made the most of it!

    1. Hi! Haha, I do that a lot, I like to keep people in suspense ;)

  2. Glad the race went so well and I'm going to assume it did since I can feel the excitement pouring off the page. During the Lake Effect Half marathon, I was pretty sure I saw your twin there. (But clearly it wasn't LOL)

  3. I'm thinking you and Mike are awesome for getting Crystal through marathon #1. :) Even in horrible conditions. Rockstars!

  4. I can't believe you have to hold an actual baton! How is that? I like the bracelet idea that Seneca uses, right?

    1. The slap bracelet for Seneca7 is so much better! I feel bad that I didn't run with the baton, I just decided to not use it when the guy said he wouldn't look haha, but I knew that I would hate it. I hate carrying things while running! I felt bad for any relay people that I saw with it (and Mike).

  5. You tell us how awesome it was then leave us hanging right before you start running??? RUDE! Just kidding ;) Excited to hear the rest!!

  6. We all thought the weather would be better for lap #2. And we know how THAT went, UGH!!! Nice job running with the rest of us crazies on such an abysmal day- it was great to meet all of you. :-)

  7. Yay for blogger meetups! What's up with the baton? Can't wait to hear the rest.

  8. You got some great pictures of Mike running! Those are priceless.

  9. Wait, it was an old-school baton? Wow, haven't held one of those since high school. ;)

    1. It wasn't quite like that but yea, it was a stick with some tape on it. They had different sizes and we just took the smallest one, but even the thought of running with that didn't please me!

  10. Love this recap! PB and J makes great running fuel! :) I have never run a marathon relay, but my sister and fiance and best friend are doing the Pittsburgh marathon the same day I have a half marathon!

  11. You all had such crazy weather!!! Love the pics!