Wednesday, January 30, 2013

My Adoption Day

I have a special "guest" post for you all! Today is Bernie's two year adoption day, and he wanted to write a post for all of you. I hope you enjoy it!

Hi everyone! I'm Bernie, one of my mom and dad's fur-kids.  You've seen my picture scattered throughout my mom's blog, since I like to join them on lighthouse and hiking adventures!

Two years ago, a very special day happened. I was adopted! (Actually all of us were adopted, but don't tell my kitty brothers, they don't know!)

 My mom made this for me

I wanted to tell you about the first time that I met my mom and dad. I had been dropped off at Lollypop Farm with my brother, for some reason my previous humans didn't want to keep me, and they called us "Bert" and "Ernie".  I'll give you one guess which one I was.

I was confused, but not lonely. At least I had my brother "Bert" with me (did you guess right?). I was only 8 weeks old so we just played and slept all day. We hadn't been at Lollypop for very long before Saturday, January 29th came along. The second best day of my life!

I was sleeping next to my brother when all of a sudden I saw them, my mom and dad! (I didn't know it at the time, but I would soon). I thought that they smelled and tasted good, and then I went back to my nap.


Sorry about that. 

A little while later, one of the nice ladies at Lollypop Farm brought me into this HUGE room. I was so excited because there they were again! I just ran and ran and ran, and occassionally played with my mom and dad.  The  nice lady was there answering their questions, because my mom and dad were concerned about my mix. (She told them I was going to be HUGE! Lollypop thought I was Chow Chow/Bullmastiff, they were wrong about one of those breeds).

I just kept running around and then I heard them say, "we want him" and I was so excited, I peed on the floor right then and there.

But then, I was sad for my brother "Bert". We were going to be separated and what if he didn't get adopted? Luckily, he found his mom and dad that day too!

I didn't go home with my mom and dad right away, they had to go buy me a bed, food, and toys. Lots and lots of toys!  They also wanted to spend one more night with just my kitty and bird brothers.

 Here I am when I was 8 weeks old!

I wasn't worried that they weren't going to come back, I knew that they would.  And sure enough, on January 30th my mom and dad came back for me!

They changed my name to "Bernie" (so I will always have a part of my brother with me) and off we went. As we were leaving the nice ladies at the front desk said, "oh what a cute Lab".  My mom and dad just smiled because they thought I was Chow Chow/Bullmastiff.  But those ladies were right! I'm a Chow Chow/Black Lab.

 I like being outside

I love my mom, dad and my brothers (although I don't see my bird brother often and my kitty brothers never want to play with me!)

 We love lighthouses, I'm the lighthouse dog after all

That's my story, I hope you enjoyed it!


  1. Great post Bernie! Happy Adoption Day to you. You are so lucky to have found such a wonderful Mom and Dad to take care of you.

    I've always thought Bernie was a Chow-Lab mix. He's such a cutie!

    1. Yea, we couldn't really tell when he was little but our vet knew right away he wasn't a Bullmastiff :)

  2. Happy adoption day, Bernie! We adopted our greyhound Zelda too.

  3. We call the day we adopted our pets their "Gotcha Day" so Happy Gotcha Day to Bernie!

  4. How sweet! I love my little furface too. We got him memorial day weekend.

  5. Happy Adoption Day to Bernie!

  6. Happy Adoption Day, Bernie!! What a great guest post...I need to teach Sasha how to write. ;-)

  7. Love, love, love this! Especially touching is the fact that, after we took our yellow lab Bella home at 7ish weeks, our neighbor grabbed her sister. So the 2 have grown up together and are now just shy 5 years old.

    Dogs rock.

    1. Aww that's great! We don't know who adopted Bernie's brother (or if they even still have him) but hopefully he has a good home!

      Dogs do rock!

  8. What a freaking cute story! All of the animals in my family have been adopted. Loving pets!

  9. Bernie is such a cool dog. I love this post! I love animals so much and rescues are the best!

  10. Happy Adoption Day, Bernie!! You hit the jackpot with your parents but I bet they think they hit the jackpot too. :) <3

  11. nice to meet you Bernie! you are SOOO cute! :)

  12. Happy A Day Bernie...we love you bunches!

  13. Happy day, Bernie! Zooey the Devil Dog wanted me to tell you AROOOOO as well as to give you some hot dogs to celebrate the day. I'm sorry I can't give you those hot dogs, but if we ever meet, I'll be sure to bring some.
    I hope that you like running with your mom and dad. Zooey is the best running buddy and family dog I could have ever dreamed of, and I'm so happy to hear about your happy family story!
    Wishing you many years of love and inappropriate sniffing!