Sunday, December 30, 2012

Recap of My 2012 Goals

Last week I shared with you how my year of triathlon-ing went, but now it is time to see how I did with the goals that I set for myself.  I revisited and reevaluated some of them in July, and it is crazy to say that we are now only a few days away from 2013! As much as 2012 was a great year for us, I am looking forward to a new year.

Without further ado, here's my 2012 goal recap:

Completed Goals

Running - Racing

Before the 5K where I ran my current PR

  • Run a smart, well-trained marathon, more specifically Wineglass on September 30, 2012. In general this was completed, I think the smart part of the plan went out the window when I realized that Mike wasn't going to share this accomplishment with me.  I am a marathoner though!
  • Crush my current 10K PR with a sub-1 hour time.  I did this at one of the Freezeroo races and during the Around the Bay 30K relay. Other than one other Freezeroo race (which was actually over 10K) we didn't run any other 10Ks this year, that is going to change next year!
  • PR in the 5K with a 25:xx time.  This happened THREE times! First I ran 25:53 at this race, then I ran 25:48 here, and my new 5K PR of 25:36 happened a few weeks ago.
  • Finish a 15K race (automatic PR). We ran the Boilermaker and my current 15K PR is 1:26:42.

Running - General

1,000 miles

Triathlon - Racing

 Finishing up my second triathlon

  • Compete in a duathlon.  Check, Formula 1 distance no less!
  • Compete in a triathlon or two. Or two: Keuka Lake and SkinnyMan.

Triathlon - General

 Swimming with the RATS

  • Train with other triathletes. In July I wasn't sure if this was going to happen, but Mike and I joined the RATS (Rochester Area Triathletes) and we went to a few of their workouts.  

General Goals 

 One of my breakfasts during the clean food cleanse

  • Try a clean food cleanse and/or a juice cleanse.  I wasn't 100% successful but I did it.
  • Drink more water!! I would say that I was successful with this goal, I often go for water over other drinks now.
  • Remain injury free! Thankfully, I never had a huge setback this year.  Considering how much we did, racing and training, a few tweaks here and there are to be expected.  I was smart and took rest days or did a lighter intensity workout when I needed to.

Unaccomplished (for now) Goals:

Running - Racing

  • Run a sub-4:45 marathon! Nope, but that's alright. I didn't even acheive my previous goal, before Mike had me change it, of sub-5 hours.  I finished Wineglass in 5:01:23, but considering the mental battle I faced I am happy with that time.  
  • Run a sub-2 hour half marathon. I already wrote about my struggle with achieving a sub-2 half marathon, here

Triathlon - General

  • Become comfortable using my bike and general maintenance of it. I would say this was half accomplished, I am comfortable on my bike but I still don't know how to change a tire, a tube, etc.

General Goals

  • Strength train twice a week. Started the year off well and recently we have been lifting weights again, but I definitely DIDN'T strength train twice a week.
  • Try a new recipe once a week and only go out to eat on special occasions. This was an ambitious goal and we only tried 27 new recipes.  We did reduce the amount that we went out to eat but sometimes we were too tired, traveling, or just felt like going out to eat.  I am still proud of what I accomplished with this goal, though.
  • By the end of the year stop drinking soda. Another long shot. I still drink soda, but some weeks I don't have any at all.  I do drink more water, juice and tea than soda now so I am happy.  Maybe someday I will stop drinking soda, maybe.

Regardless of not accomplishing some of my goals, I had a GREAT year.  Here are some of the highlights, in photos:

 12 months of racing

Training and racing with friends and family

A duathlon and two triathlons

Cheering on others and volunteering

Well there you have it! I had 21 goals for 2012, and I accomplished 15 of them.  Of the 6 that I didn't accomplish, you better believe that I am going to make some of them my goal for 2013.  You'll just have to wait until tomorrow to find out which ones!

Did you set goals for 2012? How did you do?


  1. Great job! :) I am happy to see my 2012 accomplishments... but look forward to what 2013 will bring. :)

  2. You honestly killed your goals! So awesome, girl!!! Can't wait to see how much you accomplish in the new year :)

  3. We had a few similar goals on strength, run times, and food. Great recap. Although I'm nowhere near a triathlete or Ironwoman! :) You rock!

  4. Wow, check out all those 2012 accomplishments! One of my goals for 2013 is to become more comfortable with bike maintenance. In theory, I know how to fix a flat and change a tire, but in practice ... well ... that's why it's a goal. ;)

  5. You had an awesome year! Completing 15 of them is definitely a success, and I know you'll get to the rest of those. :)

  6. Completing the majority of your goals is wonderful! Hope you have a wonderful 2013!

  7. What a crazy, busy, running year :) The best part? How happy you look in every photo! You can see that you really enjoyed all of your fantastic achievements... Thanks for letting all us readers come along for the ride! I can't wait to read about what 2013 holds for you and Mike.

  8. Wonderful job in 2012! You did great accomplishing nearly all of your goals for the year. Can't wait to see what 2013 has in store for you guys!

  9. Love reading about your goals! I'm looking into registering for my first sprint triathlon. Can you give me any advice regarding road bikes? Did you purchase new, used, or refurbished? Thanks

    1. Hi Shannon! We got low end road bikes from, we used those bikes for our first two sprint triathlons, two duathlons and an Olympic triathlon. We now have tri bikes and we love them! I would suggest a road bike at first, until you're sure you want to continue to do triathlons.