Saturday, December 22, 2012

2012 Triathlon-ing Recap

We're getting ready to leave Mike's parents' house and head on up to Maine.  I wrote this post last night so I hope you enjoy it!

I've seen a few people do this running recap post that Miss Zippy started, and I thought I would join in the fun! I mostly copied Laura's post because I liked her additional questions! I had to change it, though, to "triathlon-ing" (which obviously is NOT a word) since that's what we are: triathletes.

I'm still going to recap my goals for 2012, so be on the lookout for that! It will probably be up on December 30th since I will have hit 1,000 running miles by then and I won't run again until January 1st.  Yep, that's right we registered for ANOTHER race! But it's the Freezeroo series race we did last year and it's just for fun.

Now on to the triathlon-ing recap!

Best race experience?

I think I would have to say that our first triathlon was my best race experience of the year.  It was an amazing feeling to FINALLY be a triathlete after putting in so much hard work.

 Wet bike leg!

A close second would be any of the three relays that we did, after all I am a relayniac!

 Ali is trying to make me run with these during the FULL 30K, not happening!

Worst race experience?

Now, all races have good parts to them BUT the worst race of 2012 would probably have to be the Polar Bear Series half marathon that we ran in March.  There was NOTHING polar bear about it and I probably walked the most in a race that I ever have, excluding the marathon (but only since it is twice as long!) Plus, the scenery wasn't that exciting and I really don't like out and backs, especially for a half marathon.

 Mike finishing up the race, notice the t-shirt and shorts not typical March attire

Best run (or swim or ride)?

Cue the collective, "aww", but anytime I was able to train with Mike.  He is my training partner through and through, and he puts up with me even when I complain.  We've had amazing training swims, rides and runs together this year and I am looking forward to more! But if I have to pick one run it was a 7 miler that was at marathon pace, but I ran it at 9:20 average pace instead!

We're so cute!

(Now, I will have to say probably our worst moment was when we decided we wanted to do 30ish miles on the bike and we went the wrong way, found our way, were dehydrated and I had just enough time to change quickly and get to a baby shower.  I'm sure I smelled lovely!)

Best new piece of gear?

Even though I received them as Christmas presents last year (but I didn't wear them until 2012) I have to say my Aspaeris Pivot shorts! I think I have worn them in all but two half marathons and pretty much every race since I started wearing them, religiously. I have four pairs: red, white, blue and black.  I don't wear the white ones while running but use them for recovery (I sweat so much I'm afraid they would be see through!)

 Look there's my red pair

My blue pair

My black pair!

I'm looking forward to some new gear that we are going to get this Christmas!

Best piece of triathlon-ing advice you received?

Laura said it best, every race teaches you something.  Even if you don't achieve your goal.

Laura, we need a better picture together!

Most inspirational runner/triathlete?

Mike.  Even though it has been months since our marathon, I think that the way it went down still has an impact on me. He hasn't let it get him down and I am so proud of how he handled that race.  He is always positive and he is my inspiration to get better and faster at this triathlon stuff! I can't wait until his is a marathoner too!

 Another never before seen on the blog photo, Mike during the marathon

Mike loves to cheer for other runners!

A close second: all of you!

Triathlon-ing ups:

I will talk about this more in my goal recap post, but I had numerous PRs this year, finished a duathlon, triathlon and marathon. I also am hopefully going to hit my 1,000 mile goal!

The spot where I became a marathoner

Triathlon-ing downs:

Not enough triathlons! But in all seriousness, I am still disappointed that I didn't achieve my sub-2 hour half marathon goal.  I'm also going to say that Mike not finishing our first marathon was a pretty big down this year too!

Surprise of the year:

Not very many surprises but I would have to say all of the friends that I have made was a pleasant surprise! Also, loving trail running was a big surprise!

Relay friends!

Trails friends!

How was 2012 for you?


  1. You've had a fabulous year! 2013 is going to be even better!!!

  2. Awesome recap of an amazing year! I'm looking forward to following your 2013 :)

  3. Great idea for a recap, Jamie! You're so right--every race teaches you something. Just when you think you have the sport figured out, bam, you learn a valuable lesson.

  4. 2012 was certainly good to you! You look so fierce on that bike! Hope 2013 is just as incredible!

  5. What a great year! Thanks for sharing your experiences. I'm looking forward to reading more and following you throughout 2013.

  6. Great recap! This is the first of many triathlon seasons for you! Always lots of ups and downs, but the ups make up for the downs. :) For me, I'm a little disapppointed I didn't do any tris or dus this year, but I'll make up for it in 2013! :)

  7. You have done so much this year. You continue to astound me. I am hoping I can have a post like this next year:)

  8. I love reading these recaps, thanks for linking up! You had an awesome year. And it's probably good that sub-2 half didn't happen yet, you have to have something to shoot for in 2013! :)

  9. Great recap and awesome race list! I envy you for racing so much, in our household, we're trying to stick to a minimum since those do add up in the end. 2012 was my best year so far, finished my first marathon (3 in total), my first triathlon, hubbs finished his first marathon as well, and we both signed up for a half Ironman. I have become a triathlete and it's just the beginning of a life full of challenges and fun. I love it!!

  10. I loved reading through these! How great that you can do all of these races and training w/ Mike. Nothing like a great training buddy!