Wednesday, December 12, 2012

12 Reasons Why I Love Being a Triathlete

Today, as you are aware I'm sure, is 12/12/12.  I really wish I could have run 12 miles today but since it is a weekday that wasn't possible.  Mike and I did get 12 miles on the spin bikes in at the gym, though.

In honor of this special day, a date that we won't see the likes of again for some time, I thought I would highlight 12 reasons why I love being a triathlete. 

Here we go:

1. Setting Goals

Most of you should know by now that I love to set, and achieve, goals. I did achieve most of my 2012 goals, which I will recap soon as I am currently working on my last goal (1,000 running miles for the year).  I'm excited for my 2013 goals and I can't wait to go to work on them!

2. Meeting New Friends

Mike and I have made so many friends, and rekindled relationships with old friends, since we have started running and doing triathlons.  I have written about this before and I can just say that I am so thankful for all of the amazing people that this sport has brought into our life!

 She stuck with me for 13.1 miles

 Just because I want to see if Isaac says anything about it!

Love these three!

Friends for life!

3. The Bling

Now I definitely don't do this primarily for the bling, but medals and other swag is a nice bonus to being a triathlete.  I can say that once I have my Ironman medal that it is going to go in a very special place in our house.

 Thanksgiving race bling

4. Racing

Speaking of bling, you can't really have any of that without racing.  You already know that we love to race, and Ali has asked me to write a post specifically about our love of racing so be on the lookout for that sometime soon.

 Turning Stone half marathon

Bike leg of our first tri

 Mike being goofy at a Freezeroo race

5. Getting Back in the Pool (or Lake/Ocean)

When I was in high school I never thought that swimming wouldn't be a part of my life but for a moment there it wasn't.  I am so glad that swimming is back in my life and that I can combine my old loves with my new loves. 

 Swimming in Maine

6. Racecations

Mike and I have been able to take a few racecations, and they were a blast! Next year we are planning on doing a few more and I can't wait! It's a great way to visit a new place, and get in a race while you're at it.


 Reach the Beach: New Jersey

7. Trail Running

Yes, I love trail running.  Even though our first trail race was tough, I can say for certain that we are going to do it again.  Plus, lots of our new friends are trail runners so we have to get out there if we want to see them!

 Trail running is tough!

8.  Training

I love a good training plan! I feel lost without one and currently I am making our marathon/70.3/marathon training plan for next year.  It's complicated, but I love it!

OCD much?

9.  Shoes

Yep, I love my Sauconys! The lovely Jenny is even selling me a pair of her Kinvaras that she can't wear anymore.  You can never have too many shoes, running shoes that is!


10. Being in Shape

Mike and I have finally found a lifestyle that we love, and it just so happens to keep us in shape!

11. Running with my Mom

We have gone running with my mom a few times since we have become triathletes and it has been a lot of fun.  She even raced Seneca7 with us, her first race ever, and is on our team "Sole Sisters and their Misters" this year. 

Before a run last Christmas Eve

12. Quality Time with Mike

When we started this journey it was something that I thought we could do together.  We have accomplished so much and for the most part we still train together.  Our schedules don't always match up but we can usually get in a workout or two a week together, and all of our long runs are done together. 

This is OUR journey and I am so excited about where it is taking us!

What are some reasons why you love being a runner/triathlete?  Did you celebrate 12/12/12 with a "12" themed workout?


  1. You make me excited for my first tri this spring and yes you will get a million question, prepare for it.

  2. LOVE THIS!!!! and I'm really excited about your race post coming up :)

    I remember reading that freezeroo race recap.....was that the one that Mike wrote??? I remember he guest posted one recap! lol

  3. Those are some really cool reasons...shoot now I want to train for triathlons...maybe I should focus on running first!

  4. Yes, I didn't have time for 12 miles, so my friend and I ran 12k instead!!! :)

  5. Love this list, Jamie! I have yet to take a racecation, but it's only a matter of time--racing and then resting (on a beach ;)) sounds perfect.

  6. Great reasons!I love running because I love challenging my body to push to my limits:)

  7. woo woo on the trail train!! come to dryer road tonight!! run trails, drink beers!

  8. I love racing, too, and that something so fun keeps us in shape! :)

  9. I love this post! The only thing I might add is that I do love indulging in a delicious calorie-filled treat after a long run or a race knowing that I earned it.

  10. I love running, not racing. I love the goal toward the race, the determination, the drive. The race is the icing on the cake.

  11. You've been awarded the Liebster Award!

  12. Love this post! I am honored to be one of your reasons!! I am so glad that you share my love for running...when you were younger I always hoped that you would but you never seemed to really have a passion for it and when you quit x country I figured that was it...but look at you now!!! I am very proud of you and all your accomplishments!!

  13. Love the term "racecations"! My hubby loves when I run out of town races. :-)

  14. I almost missed the photo and Isaac reference this time... good thing I decided to catch up on my blog reading! :)