Saturday, November 10, 2012

The North Face Fun Run

Rochester, New York is the proud location of the newest The North Face store!

This weekend marked the Grand Opening and they had a few events to kick it off right.  Mike and I decided to participate in the fun run with ultramarathoner Mike Wolfe.  

We knew a few other people who were going to be there, specifically the guys from #trailsroc.  I also won a prize by following The North Face Victor on twitter and I could only pick it up this weekend. 

Mike and I got there a few minutes before the start of the run and we saw Eric, Ron and Ben.

Photo courtesy of Eric

 Mike needs to work on opening his eyes! Photo courtesy of Eric

The entire group

After a few words from some people, including Mike Wolfe, the group headed to the start of the trail run.  We were running on the Seneca Trail and it was nice since Mike and I had never run there before.

 Photo courtesy of Eric

 Photo courtesy of Eric

We took off in the middle of the pack, making our way through the trail, switchbacks and a little stream that we had to jump over.  I made Eric go first! (And in all honesty on the way back I just put one foot in the stream, ha!)

 I said, "I'm not graceful, you go!" Photo courtesy of Eric

Walking up the hill, Photo courtesy of Eric

I was keeping up the pace for a little while, but then after walking up the one fairly huge hill I had to stop and stretch my calves out.  Tomorrow's 11 mile trail run will be interesting for sure!

Great shot of Mike! Photo courtesy of Eric

The route was an out and back and I saw Mike waiting for me, we grabbed some water and then headed back for the last 1.5ish miles.  The run was advertised as 4.5 miles, but in the end we did about a 5K.

After we were done we enjoyed some food and water provided by The North Face, collected my prize (and one for our friend who couldn't make it there) and walked around the store a little bit.

Before we left, Mike went to get Mike Wolfe's autograph and chatted with him for a little bit.  He seems like a really down to earth kind of guy, which is probably why he is a trail runner!

 Mike and Mike in the morning

It says "Mike and Jamie - Here's to more adventures in your backyard and afar!"

All in all it was a great day and we are looking forward to tomorrow's 11 mile trail race! Even though it will be a challenge!

Have you ever gone to an event like this?


  1. Nope...I have never gone to something like this but it looks like a lot of fun!! I did run a trail today too...I went to Bubble Rock to get a picture so I decided to use my backpack(to hold my camera and gear)and run up the was fun and a pretty good workout!! I am sure your trail run was much better and a lot harder!!

  2. That sounds like so much fun! Good luck on your run tomorrow:)

  3. Looks fun! I love our North Face store. I still haven't attempted trail running - I need to sometime soon!!

  4. I saw some of your FB pics. My husband and I have run with I recognized a few ppl in there! The new store looks great. I might have to make another trip up there soon!

  5. Neat! I've done one trail/cross-country race before, but I've never met an ultramarathoner--very cool.

  6. That looks like it was a fun event! Good luck with your 11 mile trail run tomorrow.

  7. Looks fun! Seeing your photos makes me nostalgic for living in Colorado and hiking/snowshoeing on the trails there. Love living in Brooklyn but it's definitely harder to hit a trail from here.

  8. This looks like a really cool event. I would have loved to attend this. Trail running is a blast, but definitely more intense then out on the roads.