Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Reach the Beach: New Jersey Race Recap Part 2

Let's see, where did I leave off yesterday? Oh yea, right before the good stuff.

 Nice hand-off guys!

As I mentioned in yesterday's post, Mike and I were in van 2 and our van's first runner, Isaac, didn't start running until 2pm. Mike and I were runners 10 and 11, respectively, so we still had quite awhile before our first legs. 

Isaac was undoubtedly our fastest runner so even though his first leg was just a little over 7 miles, we knew that at his 6:30 pace we wouldn't have a lot of time to spare to get Colleen to the next exchange point. 

Mike waiting for Isaac

Before we knew it, Isaac came sprinting into the exchange point and it was time for Colleen to run her first leg!

Colleen was afraid Isaac was always going to run into her

First leg, complete!

Our team hurried to the next exchange point because Colleen's leg was about 3.4 miles.  It was starting to get a little bit chilly out!

Stephanie stayed bundled up until the last possible moment!

 Stretch it out, boys

How many runners does it take to put a vest on?

Isaac walked down the road a little ways and then Colleen came into view, she was killing her leg!  

Looking strong at the end

Stephanie's turn!

Finally after being awake since 6:45, it was almost our turn to run!  Stephanie had a little over 5 miles so we headed to the transition area and Mike got ready to run his leg.  For safety reasons anytime between 5:30pm and 7:30am runners were required to wear headlamps, vests and blinking lights on the front and back.  Our vest had built-in blinking lights, which was really convenient.  Mike was the first runner that was required to wear the safety equipment since he was going to still be running at 5:30pm. 

We love running and safety equipment!

Mike is ready!

Get it, Mike!

Mike's first leg was about 7.4 miles and if you would like to read his description of what happened on his leg you can read it, here.  Just know that he did amazing and ran it at 8:09 pace overall!

We got to the exchange point where I would FINALLY start running.  I really need to not be the last or second to last runner because I get so antsy.  Oh well!  I hit the port-a-potty, stretched, put my safety equipment on and ran around the parking lot a few times.  

I then lined up and awaited the arrival of Mike.  At 6:11pm, I saw Mike running up the hill into the transition area.  He handed me the slap bracelet and I was off to run my 8.5 mile leg!

I tried to learn from my mistakes at Seneca7 and kept my pace under control as best as I could.  The first mile was almost all downhill and I was under 8 minute pace for a little while before I reigned it in.  I was running along and I felt like I had gum or something stuck under my shoe and I tried to ignore it as best I could (I did try to scuff it off but that is pretty difficult to do while you are running). 

I was passed by another runner around 1.5 miles, which was right before the van passed me.  I was running up a hill and starting to feel a little tired but I knew that I would have some downhills on my leg. 

I continued to run at sub-9 minute pace and I tried to push the downhills as much as possible.  Unfortunately around 3 miles I got a really bad side stitch and I tried my best to get rid of it by controlling my breathing.  Luckily, it only lasted for about 5 to 10 minutes!

I was passed by another runner as it was starting to get dark, but I didn't mind.  I knew that I was running extremely well for me and I just pushed on.  I enjoyed looking at the houses that I was running by, except for the guy leaf blowing right in my direction!

Another runner passed me as we were going up one of the really bad hills and she said, "wow this hill is rough!" I agreed and just tried to keep her in my sights.  As we ran down a hill, a woman out walking said to me, "aren't you cold?"  I replied that I wasn't and turned onto a busier road toward the end of my leg.  

I kept running on the shoulder of this road until I saw a sign that indicated that I was supposed to cross the road at an intersection.  Thankfully, the light was red and no cars were coming (some were waiting to cross, though) and I booked it to the other side.  I could see some volunteers in the distance and I pushed it as hard as I could to get to Sarah, our 12th runner.  

Unfortunately, this is the only photo of me running the entire weekend

I ran 8.45 miles in 1:14 which is an overall pace of 8:46 (8:50, 8:45, 8:56, 8:11, 8:21, 8:44, 9:29, 9:04 and 8:21 for .45 miles!  This leg made the entire weekend worth it, I was so happy with how I ran and for doing that 2 weeks after my first marathon still amazes me!

I got into the van and we started to drive to catch up to Sarah.  You're just going to have to wait until next time to find out how that goes!

In case you missed it:


  1. Hahahaha - that picture is SAD. You must have been too speedy!! Sounds like an overall great first leg. Can't wait to hear more!

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  5. oh the memories! Great second recap! By the end of the night, we finally we able to put on the safety vest by ourselves!

    1. Hey Isaac, thanks for chatting on that long second leg in the middle of the night!

    2. Hey! No problem at all! It was a great way to pass some miles! I hope all is well!

  6. blurry pic bc you were FLYING!! :)

  7. Totally stalked your Instagram pictures. I want to do a relay so bad. It looked like such a cool experience.

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  9. Nicely done! It's clearly non-runners who ask if we're cold. No, runners are almost never cold. We're RUNNING. Duh?! Reach the Beach looks fantastic, tricky, and totally worth it. Congrats :-)

  10. Great job on your first leg Jamie! You were really consistent and quite speedy!

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