Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Virtual Book Club

On a day like today, where I am home sick (don't even get me started about how we are almost a week and a half away from our first marathon) and it is raining (well it was when I started writing this post this morning) all I want to do is read a book.  Too bad I left the one I am currently reading at work!

The other day I randomly thought, "I want to join a book club".  I don't have time to meet up with one though so the idea of starting a virtual book club came to mind.  Emily suggested an inspirational running book themed club and I was sold (of course I need to add inspirational triathlon books to the mix). 

This is going to be extremely informal, but here are the details:


The "discussion" portion of the book club will take place the middle of the month, for those who sign up I can send out emails with the specific date.  The first book that we read will be discussed on October 15th (which will postpone some Reach the Beach recaps but that's alright).

The following month's book will be announced around the first of the month.  For example, November's book will be announced on October 1st (or around that date).  That should give you plenty of time to buy the book and read it before the middle of the month. 


Online of course!


We all like reading and running/triathlons, so why not read books on those topics?  It's also fun to read about other people's perspectives about the same book.  You might learn something new!


Since this will be informal, you can write your own review of the book on your blog and then email it to me before the date that we will be discussing the book.  I will include your review in my blog post about the book.  If you don't have a blog don't worry, there will be discussion questions that you can answer at the end of the blog post!

Want to sign up?  Fill out this form so that you will be included on the email list. 

For October, our first month, I thought that the book could be "Mile Markers" by Kristin Armstrong (sorry to any guys that join!)

Make sure you put a book suggestion down on the form (try to focus on running and triathlon themed books but if there is a really inspirational book that is from some other discipline put it down and it will be considered).  I will pick the following months' books based on your suggestions!

Go ahead, sign up!


  1. I won't have enough time for this month but hopefully I can participate in November. This is a great idea!

    1. Definitely sign up! I already picked the books for November and January so I want to be able to email you :)