Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Wedding Memories: Trash the Dress

Wow, it is the last "Wedding Memories" post! I hope you enjoyed them as much as I have, it really was fun reliving these moments.

I think I may have saved the best post for last, good thing it was the last wedding-related thing we did!

I knew that I wanted to do a trash the dress session and I was hoping that our photographer would agree to do it.  He had never done one before so he agreed to do it for FREE in exchange for being able to use the photos to promote his business.  We would still get digital copies of the photos, so we were on board.

We arrived home from our honeymoon and then we immediately did our trash the dress photo shoot.  My friend, Christina, came over to do my hair and help me get into my dress.  Even though it was only a month after our wedding I was worried that with all of the food on the cruise that it wouldn't fit.  Luckily, it did!  She even let me borrow her amazing necklaces to use during the photo shoot.

We had three locations picked out: the graffiti wall at Village Gate, the beach at Irondequoit Bay and Seabreeze Amusement Park.

First up, Village Gate. 

Then it was time for a change of location, and necklace.  One requirement for our trash the dress was that we did something in water, other than that we didn't really care what we did.

Here are some "behind the scenes" to see what it takes to get the good photos:

The final stop for the night, Seabreeze Amusement Park.  I have to say that the photos from this location were the only ones that we were slightly disappointed in, we took so many more photos and for some reason only a few made the cut.  Oh well, they were free so we can't complain too much!

I hope you enjoyed these photos! Oh, and for those of you worried about my dress, don't be.  I sent it away to be cleaned and preserved after the shoot.  It is now sitting in a box in one of our closets, but if someone wanted to shoot another trash the dress session with us I would definitely take it out and wear it again!

Would you ever "trash the dress"?

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  1. how fun! I always wanted to do a trash the dress session Love the ones in the water!

  2. We did trash the dress, too, and it was AMAZING! I love those pics more than i love my regular wedding pictures. Yours are amazing! I love the beach ones especially!! --Sheila

  3. That looks like SO MUCH FUN!! I'm definitely adding this to my must-do list...

  4. Those pictures are awesome! So much fun and so creative:)

  5. Great photos! We never thought of doing a trash the dress photo shoot, been two years now but such a great idea may have to see if my wife is interested

  6. I am totally sending this to Colin....I wanted so much to trash my dress and I just found a photographer that will do it for free for the same reason: to add to her portfolio :) I am SO EXCITED and plan on going right in the water as well :) lol

    I love these!

  7. AHHHHH! You look so magical in the water! These are AMAZING!

  8. You guys know I loved those pics... different, yet great shots!!

  9. Thats so great! I love the photos, they are so pretty :) Especially the ones on the beach.

  10. OMG I totally wish I had done this! Got my dress cleaned and boxed up and haven't looked at it in 13 years!

  11. For some reason, whenever I heard trash the dress wedding shoot, I always imagined people actually trashing it. I thought you were going to rip it or paint on it or something. Gorgeous photos! But is it just a photoshoot where you just take it out after the wedding and wear again for the last time?

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