Friday, August 24, 2012

Fitness Friday: Crescent Trail Group Run

Hi there! I know people don't like it when others apologize for being gone and not posting as often, but I go against the grain and do what I want.  So, I'm apologizing.  I think I have lost my blogging motivation a little bit but hopefully with a guest post and a few races coming up I will find it again, so please bear with me. 

I'm linking up on Jill's "Fitness Friday", so go on and check out her post, as well as, all of the others!

Yesterday, our friend Sarah asked if we were going to the Medved group trail run.  We weren't planning on it but I asked Mike if we could switch our 8 and 5 milers so that we could go. 

My trail running shoes, in the middle, wanted some more miles put on them

During the summer, Mike and I had a few options to choose from on Thursday nights.  We could either go to the RATS swim, bike, run workout or go to the trail run.  We went to the RATS three times and now we have gone to the trail run three times.  It is nice to be able to change it up!

When we got to the group run we saw Eric and his wife, Sheila, but we didn't see Sarah and Mark.  They got there right as it was starting and then we were off!

The first .75 miles were actually run on roads, but it wasn't too bad.  My calves were bothering me but nothing too serious.  After we re-grouped, we headed out on the trail. 

I've never been on the Crescent trail before but it was beautiful!  The orange trail was a little bit difficult in the beginning, there were some huge hills that I had to walk up, but it was a good workout. 

Our group ran all the way to one of the hotels in the area where there is a trail head, and we actually interrupted a wedding rehearsal! I'm sure they appreciated all of us sweaty runners stopping by.

The nice thing about the group run is that we do stop every once in awhile to re-group.  There are also a few people from Medved who are intermixed within the group to make sure that everyone stays on the right trail.  

The rest of the run was pretty nice, the blue trail was nice and easy with lots of downhills.  We then went back on the orange/blue trails on the other side to finish up the run.  Mike and I waited for Mark and Sarah at the end and then ran on the roads back to the start area.  

Overall, it was a nice but challenging run.  I even mentioned to Sarah that it was a lot tougher than last week's run and she agreed.  

We didn't look like this after the run!

I'm really thankful for friends like Sarah and Mark, it is fun to have them at group runs and races.  I can't wait until all four of us cross the finish line at our first marathon in the fall!

Do you like trail running?


  1. You're so right- running friends are the best! Sounds like a beautiful, challenging trail run. You're well on your way to that 26.2!

    1. Thanks Laura! Running friends are great, they make the workouts that much better :)

  2. Do you like trail running? What kind of a question is that :)

    1. Haha, you never know! I didn't think I liked it in the beginning, but now I do :)

  3. That sounds like so much fun! I love that you have "couple" friends to run with.

  4. I love trail running, my favorite! Just not many places around me. :(

  5. Trail running is okay... but I think it is more suited for younger runners like you guys. There is potential for tripping over roots or falling, and us fifty- somethings aren't as limber as you younger guys! Mind you, I do run on trails occasionally, but don't make a habit of it!!

  6. I love trail running! It's my favorite. It doesn't feel like you are running as much as "hiking really fast up and down hills". Kind of. The scenery is usually great and I think more about trying not to trip than how far I have to go! PS to Joan C, the average age group for my last trail race was the 40-49!!

  7. I want to get into trail running, but Louisiana is seriously flat where I am. I guess running on dirt roads is trail running, but I love the view of mountain running.

    It's nice that you have a few options on your workout.

  8. I am SO going to go running on the trails this week. I have been meaning to for WEEKS now and you have given me the extra nudge that I needed. THANKS!