Monday, August 6, 2012

Bernie Loves Maine

We made it to Maine safe and sound!  We are enjoying our time here, but Bernie was having a blast yesterday and today. 

First, he was able to visit another lighthouse.  Since he is loving called, "Bernie the Lighthouse Dog" after all. 

Owls Head Lighthouse

Wearing his lighthouse collar and paying his respects to Spot the Lighthouse Dog

Then today Mike, my mom and I brought him to a dog park so that he could go swimming and play with some other dogs.  

I'm ready to go get the stick!

Not a bad view for a dog park!

Should I go swimming from here?

Yes I should!

Tomorrow we will be running with one of our Reach the Beach teammates, hopefully it goes better than our 17 miler today (spoiler alert: we only ran 13.08 miles and then walked .95 miles back to my parents' house) and celebrating Mike's birthday!

I hope you are all having a great week!


  1. Bernie had quite the weekend! Going to lighthouses, swimming, and playing at the dog park-what more could a dog ask for?!

  2. Where is that dog park at? Tomorrow will be fun! See you all then!

  3. So much fun! That's a bummer about the run, but still super-impressive to get in 13+

  4. I bet Bernie slept well after the park! Looks beautiful. Happy Birthday Mike!

  5. Sounds like a great start to the trip! :) Have fun!!

  6. It looks like a really pretty place! Have fun and happy birthday to Mike!