Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Wedding Memories: Getting Ready

The morning of July 31, 2010 I woke up in our house by myself after a night of decent sleep.  I don't sleep well without Mike, but since we wanted to have some traditional aspects to our wedding we decided to sleep in separate locations.  Our friends were nice enough to let Mike sleep at their apartment.

I have to say that while we had some other issues regarding wedding planning, trying to figure out where we were going to get ready was an issue for a little while!  Our wedding took place about 45 minutes away from our house and neither of us are from the area.  While I would have LOVED to have had a Maine wedding, it would have been way too expensive and the logistics of planning wouldn't have worked out.

Thankfully, we figured it out and the girls and guys had their respective locations to get ready!

 Before getting ready with a bridesmaid's and flower girl's mom

My bridesmaids, my mom, Mike's mom, my brother's girlfriend at the time and one of the bridesmaid's and flower girl's mom all got ready at the hair salon where we were getting our hair done.  They had two rooms that we were able to use throughout the morning/afternoon. 

I only had two requirements for the girls' hair: it had to be up (mostly) and they had to like it! 

I'm just going to let the photos from that morning speak for themselves!

Throughout wedding planning I kept thinking about details, the little touches that we could add to make the wedding our own.  I made the headband for our flower girl, the necklaces that all of the girls wore (which is why their hair had to be mostly up) and we remained true to ourselves in our attire.

Then it was finally time to put on my dress and get ready to head to the ceremony!

Meanwhile, Mike, the dads and groomsmen (our ring bearer got ready somewhere else so that he could rest before) were getting ready at my Matron of Honor's mom's (and one groomsman's mother-in-law's) house.  Our photographer was so generous that he had an assistant stay with the guys while they were getting ready in order to capture the moment on camera.  

Yes, our one splurge (other than our photographer and he was actually still pretty reasonable) was a Hummer.

Until next week, here's a glimpse at our ceremony to hold you over!

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  1. CUTE I love it :) is that headband made with gimp???? So pretty - I'll take one myself please! lol

    1. Just ribbon :) It was really cute! It did hurt her head a little bit though haha.

  2. Love! You made a gorgeous bride, Jamie! :)

  3. Gorgeous! I love the little personal touches that you added to your wedding.

    1. Thanks Rena!! We definitely had a lot more too :)

  4. Great pics to bring us all back to that special day, Jamie!!

  5. Awww so pretty! Looks like an amazing wedding, love all your personal touches! Makes it so much more special.

  6. It's always fun to re-live these memories, great pictures!