Monday, July 30, 2012

The Loss of a Fellow Rochester Triathlete

I did not personally know Heather Boyum, but on some level I did know her.  She is the face of every woman or man going out and doing what they love, whether it be swimming, biking, running, dancing or playing baseball. 

 Photo from the Rochester Moms in Motion Facebook page

She was a wife, mother, daughter, friend, teacher and triathlete.  She was a member of the Rochester Moms in Motion and loved by those around her. 

Yesterday morning when she got on her bike I am sure that she did not expect that it would be her last ride.  She did not expect that two irresponsible people would take her life while doing something that she loved. (For the entire article, go here). 

The two individuals that took her life are most likely not terrible people.  Most people do not go out in the early hours of the day and plan to kill another human being.  However, these two individuals were irresponsible and threw caution to the wind.  They disregarded the value of another human's life. 

I hope that justice is served, however as someone with extensive knowledge of the criminal justice system I know that it may take awhile. 

Do not focus on the perpetrators, focus on Heather.  Continue to do what you love and do not live in fear, Heather didn't. 

To all of you out there who think that it is alright to drive recklessly, drive too closely to us runners, cyclists and walkers, please reconsider and do what is right. 

We all should be able to do what we love and return home to who we love. 


  1. I'm horrified by that story. I feel for Heather's family!

  2. I just finished reading the article. Makes me incredibly sad. These stories happen too often.

  3. Oh, no! How awful... this is a notoriously awful city for cyclists too. So scary, and so sad. :(

  4. So so sad. My heart goes out to her family! I hate that it takes tragedies like this for road safety to become a priority

  5. It's unfortunately becoming a story we hear too often. My heart goes out to her family, prayers for comfort and strength as they try to make sense of such a tragedy...

  6. Oh no, this is terrible. :( You and Mike should be careful. Lots of places in Baton Rouge lack sidewalks, so this story is especially scary.

  7. Oh no. This is so terribly tragic and sad. Stay safe out there everyone.

  8. So sad:(. The most frustrating thing is that the driver had just gotten out of jail on a DWI. So ridiculous!

  9. So sad and frightening. I hope everyone gives their loved ones an extra squeeze. Stay safe friends!

  10. How heartbreaking! This is so sad. A local runner here was hit this morning. Allan always fusses at me when he hears I've run on a main road and it's times like this where I feel like none of us can be too careful out there.

  11. The unfortunate thing is that we can't control what others do. It's hard to find the balance between taking precautions and not doing what you love out of fear for your safety. I'm not confident enough of my own skills or of drivers to bike on even remotely busy roads other than during races, but not everyone has access to bike paths in their area. And if you get a DUI and are out doing it again, ever, then I don't think you should have a license because you are not responsible enough to operate a car (my humble $0.02).

    1. The really sad part is that neither of them had licenses.