Saturday, June 9, 2012

Keuka Lake Tri Training Week 12

Well, this seems a little anticlimactic at this point but since I recapped every other week of tri training I might as well blog about the week leading up to our race. 


Off day!


Mike ran 3 miles on Tuesday, but since I was having some issues with my leg I decided to postpone my run.  We still hit the pool for one of our last swim workouts.  We did a total of 800 yards with a 200 yard warm-up, 400 yard swim and 200 yard cool-down. 


I officially started a month long break from work on Wednesday (with the exception of a 3 hour core team retreat on Friday) and ran 3 miles after I woke up.  My leg felt better and I maintained a 9:15 pace (9:16, 9:06, 9:22). 

When Mike got home from work, we headed out for our last ride before the triathlon.  We had 15 miles on the schedule and we rode in Gates.  The route was relatively flat and I was able to do 15.02 miles in an hour (yay for 15 mph pace)!


We ran the 3.5 mile Corporate Challenge, representing our companies!  Mike ran it in 25:54 and I ran it in 28:56.  You can read the entire race recap, here

Finishing up the race


I guess my legs still wanted to run fast because I ran 2 miles in less than 18 minutes at 8:52 pace (8:54, 8:49).  

After Mike got home from work we hit the pool for a short swim.  We swam 500 yards with a 150 yard warm-up, 200 yard swim and 150 yard cool-down. 


Travel day for the triathlon!  We also did a short test swim in the lake.  

 Felt great!

Ready for the triathlon


Keuka Lake Sprint Triathlon!  We had an amazing day!  We worked really hard to get to this moment and it paid off.  Mike and I are just going to keep working harder and harder to achieve our goal of becoming Ironmen and I hope you all enjoy the journey!  You can read the full race recap, here.  

Jamie - 1:46:09, Mike - 1:40:25


  1. Woohoo! I'm glad you still wrote this out. I enjoy following your training.

  2. I love it! Your workouts are such inspirations! Congrats once again!

  3. Congrats again on the tri! Nice week leading up to it a well!