Friday, June 29, 2012

Eat, Sleep, Move, Enjoy

The other day my mom and I were talking on the phone and she mentioned how you need to keep the slices of your pie balanced.  Specifically for me and Mike, she meant that we can't just have our pie filled with running/triathlons.

FitFluential focuses on four main components of life: eat, sleep, move and enjoy.  You could just say that these are our pie slices!


Mike and I are working on this one but we have gotten so much better!  I eat breakfast, lunch and dinner and for the most part we eat healthy.  There are times when we indulge but as long as it is in moderation that is completely fine.

On our honeymoon, we definitely ate a lot!

I don't count calories nor keep a food journal but I pay attention to when I am hungry.  If I am, I eat.   

I think that getting Bernie helped us improve this part of our life!  We had to get up extremely early to take him outside and then we were EXHAUSTED by the end of the night.

Take it from Bernie, sleep is good!

We used to go to bed at 11-11:30pm and I was constantly tired.  Now we go to bed around 10pm and are able to get 8 hours of sleep or a little bit more a night.  As triathletes, we need sleep to train adequately!


We definitely have this component of life covered!  Swimming, biking and running have become a huge part of our life in such a short amount of time.  We love to train, race and talk about training and racing.

I loved this race!

The end of our first half marathon


I think that this was the slice of life that my mom meant when we were talking, sometimes we forget to enjoy life because we train so much.  I know that when we train for our Ironman that some of the components of our life are going to have to be put on the back burner for a little while but that doesn't mean we need to let it completely take over our life.  Even if it is just one night a week where we do something completely unrelated to swimming, biking and running that will help keep us somewhat balanced.  

What are some ways that we enjoy life?  

We love to hike (which I guess could go under "move" as well), visit lighthouses, hang out with our friends and spend time with our animals. 

 I love Maine and hiking!

At Braddock Point Lighthouse


I also love to scrapbook, take classes, read and blog, of course!  Mike LOVES, probably an understatement, sports.  We are huge Yankees fans and try to go to games as often as we can, which unfortunately hasn't been in a few years but hopefully we can go sometime soon. 

At our last Yankees game!

There may be times that we have to miss a race because something else comes up in life that we want to enjoy and that's perfectly fine because that race will always be there next year!  As long as we keep balanced we will have a great life!

How do you enjoy life?


  1. Great post! My favorite non-tri related ways to enjoy life are scuba diving, traveling to new places, & snowboarding. :)

  2. Great reminder to keep all four in balance! I've got the move and eat covered, but have not been getting as much sleep as I should lately. I just need to make myself go to bed earlier! Enjoy is kind of wrapped up in all of those, and we also love exploring this somewhat-new-to-us city and having friends over for dinner, hitting the beach, etc.

  3. I enjoy life by spending lots of time with my family :)

  4. I love your take on all of this. I enjoy by exploring Chicago:) Way to go, lady!

  5. Enjoy - hmmmm....lately its been LOTS of time by the water!

  6. You and I enjoy life in a lot of similar ways! Scrapbooking is an ENJOY that I know I need to do more of. I have a vacation scrapbook 1/5 finished. I really need to get those things out again, because I enjoy the process and then treasure the outcome!

  7. Looks like your pie slices are pretty well balanced to me!

  8. great post! Lately I've been feeling like all I do is check things off my "to do" list and never enjoy the things I'm actually doing. I definitely need to work on balancing everything out....

  9. Love that pie, its so true! Lately with fieldwork my pie has been a bit off balance and I hate it.. need to figure out a way to get it back to normal.

  10. Great post. Sounds like you have a great balance:)