Sunday, May 27, 2012

Keuka Lake Tri Training Week 11

After last week's great week, this week was a bit of a downer for me.  It was probably my worst week of training, except maybe when we were sick, and I felt slightly disappointed/frustrated after most of my workouts.  Mike did great, but I struggled quite a bit!

However, it was also our highest mileage week, with about 55-56 miles total.  That's quite a bit of miles!  I know that the reason for some of my disappointing workouts is because of the fact that my body is tired.  I'm looking forward to our taper/cutback week next week in preparation for the triathlon!  It is in exactly ONE week!!


Off day!


We had a scheduled 6 miles on our training plan and since it was extremely humid we decided to head to the gym to use the treadmills.  I had a feeling that we were going to regret it, but I tried to ignore that feeling. 

Listening to Detroit Runner next time!

This run did not go very well.  Even though we brought water bottles and the treadmills had fans on them, I started to overheat immediately!  At 3 miles I had to stop and walk for about .1 miles to try to cool off.  We decided that we would only do 5 miles and I finished it in about 47 minutes (9:25 pace). 

After that we hit the pool and did 1,000 yards.  We did a 50 yard warm-up and then swam 900 yards consecutively.  I did it in 12:53 and felt pretty good even though I was tired/sore from the run.  We did another 50 yards as a cool-down.  


We switched our bike workouts this week and did our 20 miler in the middle of the week.  Mike made a great route that was 95% flat!  I felt AMAZING in the beginning and hit sub 4 minute pace the majority of the time.  At an hour I had gone about 15 miles, but then I slowed down a little bit in the end.  The wind got to me and I was starting to get tired.  I did 20.19 miles in 1:23 (14.5 mph).  Not too bad!


We were going to do our 15 mile ride on Thursday, but we were both pretty tired so we just did our swim workout.  We had another consecutive 900 yard swim (plus another 100 yards for our warm-up and cool-down) and I did it in 12:29 this time!


I had to work until 5pm on Friday, but it was still really hot when I got home.  We waited about an hour and then headed out to Webster North Ponds Park to do a tempo run.  As soon as we started I knew that I wouldn't be able to do the tempo workout and I decided to just get in the miles.  Mike did AMAZING and was able to hit some great tempo paces and completed the entire workout. 

About 3 miles into the run, my stomach started to feel off.  I tried to ignore it and just continued on my way.  North Ponds Park has a 1 mile loop that we run around and at about .6 miles I had to stop and walk.  I couldn't continue because my stomach was not cooperating.  Unfortunately, I had to walk .4 miles to the bathroom!  

I think that the heat got to me!  I did 3.62 miles in about 35 minutes (9:43 pace).  


We woke up at 5:50am to get our 15 mile ride in because we had a busy day ahead of us!  Mike mapped out a route near our house and I just felt off the entire time.  I did alright in the beginning but slowed to above 5 minute pace the last two miles.  My watch died at 14.92 miles, so my time for the 15 miles was probably around 1:07 (13.4 mph).  

When we got home, we quickly showered and changed.  We volunteered at the Sehgahunda Marathon in Letchworth State Park from 9am to 1:30pm!  It was so much fun and I am going to write a separate post about the experience!  

 I love volunteering!

After that, we headed home quickly because I had to work at 4pm.  I was interpreting for one of the graduation ceremonies at the college I work at, it was so much fun!  It was a bittersweet moment though because so many of the wonderful students that I have loved interpreting for over the past 4-5 (some even 6) years all graduated.  Luckily for me I was interpreting at the stage in the front so I was able to see them all right before they crossed the stage!

I was EXHAUSTED when I got home, so we actually went to bed at 9:45pm and didn't wake up until 7am.  What a wild life we lead!


We had a 10 mile run on our schedule today and I was a little nervous about how it was going to go.  I tried to stay positive but with all the less than stellar workouts lately, it was hard to do!

We headed out to Sodus Point (about a 45 minute drive from our house) to run around the lake/town there.  There are two lighthouses there and we ran by both of them!  

 Sodus Bay Lighthouse

Sodus Outer

Unfortunately, the heat (and my mind) got to me and I had to walk up two hills and stop twice to cool off and take a breather.  I felt bad for making Mike stop, but I didn't think I could keep running.  The first time we stopped, I almost made us turn around (at about 4.5 miles), but we continued on.  

I'm glad that we finished the run, but it was TOUGH!  We both had our handhelds with Nuun in them and I was trying to drink every mile.  By the end, it was too warm to drink out of and Mike actually dumped his out while running.  

I finished the 10 miles in 1:47 (10:41 pace).  Not horrible, but definitely not my best!

We all have bad weeks, and since the majority of this training cycle has gone well I am not too worried.  Next week is going to be better!

How was your training this week?


  1. You are amazing!!! I'm not worthy...I'm not worthy! HA!

    I was feeling awesome with my training until my long run Saturday and then I just powered through it anyways. I know that I'm improving but I wish my body would recover quicker.

  2. Sorry you didn't feel so good about this week, you still got in some great workouts! I'm always humbled by the heat- I had a pretty awful 10k yesterday. It's amazing how much it affects us!

  3. Sounds like the heat and your mileage were pretty tough this past week. That would get to anyone!! You have the tri at the end of this week, and the Corporate Challenge on Thursday, right? Think positive, and the strength you are building from all these workouts will help you in the long run!

  4. Some weeks are just sucky - but remember, they all can't be great. It would surely dimish the excitement of the awesome ones if all your runs were great. RIght? You are doing an awesome job.

  5. The heat is tough for sure. You still had a great week getting in high mileage! Don't let it get you down, girl. Your training is solid and your race is almost here! You will do amazing!

  6. Always takes a bit to adjust to the heat and humidity and this was a big week. You are going to ROCK your tri! I have no doubt about that!

  7. Heat sucks! it makes any training slower and more difficult. I love your volunteer pic at the marathon. I've never volunteered at a race, maybe I will someday soon :)

    I'm so excited for your guys tri!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Sorry that you felt this was a rough week for you but the numbers look like you guys both got in some great workouts. I can't believe it's already getting so close to race day for you two!

  9. Sometimes you have to take the bad to appreciate the good - I know I had a few really bad training runs leading up to my half! Just makes you even more grateful when things seem easy and go smoothly

  10. We all have rough weeks! Despite how it felt, it sounds like you had a good training week. Great miles and great mix of running, swimming and biking. You're inspiring!