Saturday, March 31, 2012

Keuka Lake Tri Training Week 3

I can't believe we are already done with the third week of tri training!  It is going by extremely fast!


Off day.  We spent our one free night of the week going to Fleet Feet and having Mike's gait analyzed.  He was fitted for new shoes and he ended up going with the Brooks Ghost 4.  


We switched Tuesday's run and Wednesday's ride because we had to go swimming on Tuesday too.  It was easier for us to bike at the gym rather than run prior to swimming.  We changed up our stationary bike routine by doing one of the hill workouts called "Rolling Hills".  This week our mileage increased by 1 mile so we ended up doing 6 miles in about 22 minutes.

 That's me swimming, but not on Tuesday

After biking we hit the pool for our swim workout and did 500 yards.  Since this was the last day of 500 yards we decided to swim the entire workout consecutively and finished it in 7 minutes and 10 seconds.  Not bad, not great.  I want to try to get my swim leg to be 10 minutes or less during the triathlon.


Since we had switched our ride and run, we had 6 running miles on our schedule for Wednesday.  While developing our training plan I did this so that we had a semi-long run before our half marathon this Sunday.  I didn't want it to just be a regular run so we did a short tempo workout, you can read my original post about it here.

Mile 1 - 9:26
Mile 2 - 9:27
Mile 3 - 8:31
Mile 4 - 8:30
Mile 5 - 9:28
Mile 6 - 9:15

Mike's tempo paces were a little bit closer to 8 minutes per mile.


This was a lighter day for us, just 600 yards in the pool.  We added a half an hour in the gym using the arm and core weight machines to make the drive worthwhile.

Our swimming workout consisted of a 100 yard warm-up, 2 x 200 swim and a 100 yard cool-down.  We finished everything in about 12 minutes.


Yesterday we went for a 5 mile easy run along the Canal Path.  The whole thing didn't feel easy, but overall it wasn't too bad.  It took about 47 minutes to do the entire run.  The wind was pushing me back a little bit in the middle of the run and my pace slowed down to about 9:40 minutes per mile.  I pushed it the last mile and came in at 8:52 minutes per mile!


While we didn't want to, we ended up going to the gym again for our final ride of the week.  The temperature has cooled down quite a bit and we didn't feel like dealing with that this morning (plus we don't really have any cycling clothes yet, although we did both just order some tri shorts and I bought a tri top).

Instead of using the stationary bikes like we had been the last few times, we ended up using the spin bikes.  Some of the spin bikes at our gym calculate your distance, which is nice!  I did the 10 miles in 26:11 and Mike was about 1.5 miles ahead of me (about 3-3:30 minutes).  Our pace was a lot faster than on the stationary bike, but it was nice to be able to get the workout done in less time!

Tomorrow we are racing in our third half marathon ever, the Skunk Cabbage Half Marathon (I affectionately call it "Skunky")!  We will get to meet Jenny and her husband and see Rena and her boyfriend again since they are all racing too!  I'm really excited about going out to brunch with everyone after the race.  Hopefully the weather cooperates!

Now that March is over, here are our totals for the month:

Swim: 2,600 yards
Bike: 50 miles
Run: 81 miles

How did your training go this week and month?


  1. Your training is going along really well!

    1. Thanks Rena! It was great seeing you guys today!

  2. Wow! Three weeks in already? You ARE making yourself EPIC for sure. Best of luck tomorrow at your half. You're going to rock it. :)

    1. I know, CRAZY!! Thanks Jen, the race went well :)

  3. I love that last photo!! You're doing a great job with tri training. Your race will be here before you know it!! :D
    See you tomorrow! Woo!!! Can't wait!

    1. Thanks Jenny!

      It was so much fun meeting you today :)

  4. Fantastic March - great work!!
    I think I've had my best training month to date - let's bring on April!

  5. 500 yards in 7 minutes? That is incredible!. Be happy....I have never seen such a fast swim time! Great training week!

    1. Thank you!

      I should have clarified by saying that my best time in the 500 is 5:39, BUT that was when I was in high school and swimming 8 times a week. I'm definitely happy with my time, I just want to get faster :)

  6. Hope Mike is enjoying his new shoes and that you guys ran a great race today!

    1. He just retired his old shoes today at our half marathon, he will get to try out his new shoes this week!

      We did have a great race today!

  7. Hope the race went well today! Looks like another great week. I'm kind of winging my training day by day, since the marathon is out. But it's nice to run what I feel like running. : )

    1. It did, thank you!

      Until tri training we were definitely winging it too!