Monday, February 20, 2012

Tommie Copper Calf Compression Sleeves Review

I hope you are all enjoying your President's Day, whether you have it off or not! I ended up staying home not because the college I work at recognizes Monday holidays, but because we needed to have a new hot water heater installed. As I am writing this the installer is still down in our basement working his magic on our new hot water heater!

Now on to the review!

A few weeks ago I emailed Jordan at Tommie Copper and expressed an interest in reviewing their product, specifically the calf compression sleeves. She was kind enough to send me two sleeves (since you know just one might not do the trick) and I have worn them at least four or five times since receiving them.

Obviously not my leg

You might be wondering why Tommie Copper compression sleeves are the way to go, so here is a short blurb I received when first inquiring about the product:

We have designed the first line of Copper Compression products comfortable enough to be worn all day. Until now, compression wear was designed primarily for athletes to be worn for short periods of time to increase performance, enhance recovery and alleviate pain.

Today everyone can tap into these benefits with Tommie Copper's Cu29 Copper Compression products. The product line is enhanced with copper infused yarn and engineered to be worn all day, everyday. It acts as a support to aching joints and muscles, and delivers the benefits of copper at the point of your discomfort.

Tommie Copper compression garments are specifically designed to form-fit the user's physique. They are extremely comfortable and lightweight, unlike ordinary compression wear. Because of the enormous surface area of copper in our exclusive fabric, circulation and oxygen flow of the blood are greatly enhanced.

Now you are probably saying, that's great and all but do they work? I have to say that I really do think that the Tommie Copper compression sleeves worked for me (but I already was a believer in compression gear). I wore the compression sleeves two days in a row after some harder training runs and I even wore them one night while I was sleeping. While the rest of my legs felt a little bit sore, my calves felt completely fine! The compression sleeves even helped my recovery after our race last weekend and our ten miler yesterday!

Of course not every product is 100% perfect, at least not in my experience, so here are the pros and cons of the Tommie Copper calf compression sleeves.


  • Lightweight - I barely notice that I am wearing them and they are so small that they can easily be stored or packed in your luggage for your destination races.
  • Wicking fabric - I didn't wear my sleeves while running but this type of fabric is perfect for those of you who do!
  • 24 hour usability - I wore my compression sleeves one night while sleeping and didn't wake up feeling like my legs were being suffocated (which sometimes happens when I wear my compression socks to bed).
  • Multiple color choices - If this is important to you, you can choose from black, cobalt blue, olive green or slate grey. I would love a pair in olive green!
  • It works - I don't really think this needs an explanation!
  • The price - As with all compression gear the Tommie Copper calf compression sleeves are a bit pricy. They aren't too bad when compared to other brands but you can find some compression gear for a little bit cheaper.
  • Sizing - I preferred choosing a size for my compression socks because I just had to go on what size shoe I wear. With the compression sleeves you need to measure the circumference at the top of your calf. When I did this I measured 14 inches, which is in between a medium and a large. I'm glad I went with medium because I think I could have even gotten away with a small!
  • Ordering - When ordering make sure you are aware that the sleeves are sold individually. If you want two sleeves you need to specify that under quantity!
  • They aren't socks - Of the two I think I prefer compression socks, mainly because of the issues I have had with my feet, but these are a great alternative!
Tommie Copper has other compression sleeves, as a sign language interpreter I am intrigued by their full finger compression gloves, so go ahead and check out what they offer. I can't wait to see their compression shorts that will be coming out in March!

Would you like an opportunity to have your very own pair of Tommie Copper calf compression sleeves? If you are registered for my virtual race (and if you aren't maybe this is the incentive that you need to do so) then you could win a pair! That's right Tommie Copper has graciously said that they will give one pair of calf compression sleeves (your choice in size, so make sure you check out the sizing chart) to the randomly picked winner of my virtual race! You want to sign up for it now right?

It will be fun!

How do you feel about compression gear?

Note: I was provided the Tommie Copper calf compression sleeves at no cost in order to review them, however, I was not compensated in any way for this review and the opinions and comments are, as always, my own.


  1. Great review! I love compression gear too, but have never tried just the sleeves. Looks like a great product. I'm signed up for the run, yay! :)

    1. Thanks Laura!

      The sleeves are a little bit different than socks, but they still work really well!

  2. I am definitely planning on running your virtual race! How do I sign up?!?!?

    1. I went back and looked and you are already signed up :)

      All you have to do is follow my blog (which really doesn't matter much past March 1 since GFC will be gone) and comment on the virtual race post.

      After you run the race, I will have a post where everyone can put their results!

  3. I'm running your race! So excited for my first virtual run. :)

  4. Hey to me about how the sleeves are different than the socks...pros, cons....

    1. They aren't that much different but I do feel like the socks provide my feet and ankles with some compression as well. Since I have had some tendonitis (most likely peroneal but I never went to a doctor to confirm that) and overuse injuries in my feet I like to take care of those too.

      Other than that I think that the socks and sleeves do the same thing. The sleeves are thinner and more lightweight than my compression socks (I have the Zensah pink ones), which is good and bad. I felt like I wasn't suffocating my legs in them when I wore them at night but I feel like the socks may be a little bit tighter (that might have been my own error since the sizing is a little confusing for the sleeves).

      Overall they both work great, but if I have any foot/ankle pain I will wear the socks, but Tommie Copper does make an ankle sleeve that I would be willing to try out too!

  5. I actually LOVE tommie copper but totally agree....they need to make a sock and they should sell the sleeves together at a discounted price and individually so for those of us that need both we get a deal :) they are too expensive.

    My MOM swears by the gloves and the knee sleeve. she loves it.

    1. I agree there should be some sort of discount! Even though when you buy compression socks most of them are in the $50 range, but you can find some for cheaper. Mike got some Asics ones for about $35 from running warehouse.

      I would love to see some socks!

  6. I'm going to run your virtual race as part of RnR NOLA. I'll try to calculate the first 3.4 miles which are sure to be sloooooow! As for compression gear, I have 3 pairs of compression socks and I think they work although it might just be a subtle difference (I think they help with leg pain after a run but you can easily foam roll and feel the same.). I DO think though that the internal benefits are much greater - circulation, no blood clots, etc. They have been used time and time again in diabetic patients for similar reasons so I would imagine their benefits are great. - Kristin

    1. Yay! I'm glad you will be running it!

      I did know that about diabetic patients, so you are right the internal benefits are really great. The circulation aspect is a really great benefit of compression wear.

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