Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Winter Warriors Take Two and a Recipe

Even though we weren't that thrilled with our workout on Friday at Fleet Feet's Winter Warriors group workout, we decided to give it another go tonight.

We worked out on the "west" side because the "east" side was hill work and after Sunday's run I didn't think my feet were up to more hills! (For those of you not from Rochester, the area is separated by a river, thus the west and east sides of the city). On Tuesdays the west-side Fleet Feet does a tempo workout and the route starts out with a 1 mile run to a .5 mile loop. You can go around the loop as many times as you want and then head back to the store.

Mike and I ran the first 1.5 miles together and then he took off. I went around the loop 4 times and then I tried to circle back to find Mike. I went around the loop one more time and then headed back to Fleet Feet, Mike had already finished his workout.

In the end Mike did 4 miles and I did 5.3 miles. He probably did better at the "tempo" part of the workout than I did, but that's alright!

After our workout, we headed home to enjoy our newest recipe, Crock Pot Chicken Taco Chili!

As usual, I found this on pinterest and Mike really wanted to try it!

Here are the ingredients:

1 onion chopped
3 chicken breasts (1.79 lbs)
1 15.5 oz can black beans
1 15.5 oz can light red kidney beans
1 8 oz can tomato sauce
2 14.5 oz cans diced tomatoes with zesty mild green chilies
1 packet taco seasoning
1 12 oz bag frozen corn kernels
1 tbsp cumin
1 tbsp Mexican style chili powder
1 tbsp ground (cayenne) red pepper
sour cream (optional)
cheese (optional)

All of the ingredients

Mike was nice and chopped the onion and cut the fat off the chicken last night. This morning I combined the onion, beans, tomato sauce, diced tomatoes, corn, taco seasoning and spices in the crock pot.

Helper #1

Helper #2

Ready for the chicken

After mixing it together I put the 3 chicken breasts on top and set it on low for 10 hours.

Shredded chicken

When we got back from our workout, Mike took the chicken out and shredded it with a fork. After stirring the chicken in, we let it sit in the crock pot for the remaining half hour.

Almost ready!


This meal was great! The way we did it, with the extra red pepper, made it a little bit spicy so you could definitely skip or reduce the amount of spices. We put sour cream and cheese on top of our chili, but you could also skip that if you wanted!

How do you like your chili, spicy or mild? How are you at tempo workouts?


  1. Okay YUM! I think I'm going to have to make a modified version of that chili (we just got rid of our crock pot). I'm a mild kind of girl, but Dan can't have it spicy enough, so we usually end up somewhere in the middle.

    1. We would never be able to get rid of our crock pot! I'm sure you could do this on the stove, though, with some modifications to it.

  2. I make a recipe similar to this without the chicken (though I've added chicken to it before). It doesn't have the red beans and it uses salsa instead of tomatoes with chilies. It is actually on my stove right now! LOL Guess this cold weather makes soup/chili sound awesome! I love pretty mild chili. I don't really do "tempo" workouts yet - still just trying to run the entire distance instead of jog/walk.

    1. Soup/Chili is great in the winter! We don't have it in the summer, for obvious reasons, so we are getting our fill now!

      We haven't really done any specific types of workouts yet either, even though we have probably done them all without labeling them that. I have to work on starting slower and building up to a faster pace.

  3. So, the tempo run was run the 1/2 mile loops(as many as you wanted to) at a faster pace? When I have done tempo runs with TU we usually warm up for 1 1/2 miles, then run for like 20 minutes at a faster pace, then cooldown for like 2 miles or so. Also, I love your helpers' pictures!!! Sounds like a good recipe- but don't know if specky Mike(hubby) would like it! Glad to see you are doing some group runs though!

    1. yep there was a 1/2 mile loop that was basically exactly a mile from the store (starting point) so what I ended up doing was the mile to the store plus the first loop as a warm-up (1.5 miles), then two fast loops, then a final loop plus the mile back to the store as a cool-down. So I probably didn't do enough up-tempo (fast) in the middle, but for my first one not bad.

    2. errr, meant to say "mile FROM the store" in the first sentence.

    3. That's basically what we did, Mike did a little less of the tempo part but for our first time doing it I would say it was a success.

      I prefer just running with Mike, but for an every once in awhile thing it's ok. It's still disappointing in terms of the "group" thing since no one really runs together.

  4. I make a dish similiar to that - it's DELISH!! I love tempo runs, my favorite of all the run workouts. :)

  5. Sounds really yummy...I love crock pot recipes!! Haven't done a tempo run in a while but I do like them! Love the pictures of Bernie and Benny!!

    1. Crock pot recipes are really convenient! Benny was really interested in what I was doing and Bernie just likes to follow me around!

  6. Bennifer!!!

    Just found your blog, Jamie!!

    That's so exciting... I'm not sure I ever foresee an ironman in my future but I am planning on doing the NYC marathon this year!
    I look forward to reading more about your training (and photos of Bennifer, or whatever his name is now!)

    : )

    1. Hey Ryane!

      That's awesome! We're doing Wineglass in September!

      He's Benny now haha.