Friday, January 6, 2012

Du or Du Not

We still have to Tri.

That was a lame attempt at a play on words using Yoda's famous quote. I'm not sure it worked that well, Mike will probably shake his head when he reads this, oh well.

It shouldn't be a shocker to anyone that Mike and I want to, eventually, compete in an Ironman. I think the name of my blog makes that pretty clear, if not now you know. And by eventually, I mean most likely 3 to 4 years from now. An Ironman is EXPENSIVE and with two of us doing it at the same time it is going to be a hefty chunk of change. Plus, we need to build our way up to the Ironman distance.

Source: via Jamie on Pinterest

I have never competed in a triathlon before and Mike has only done triathlons as part of a relay (he did the swimming portion both times). This year we are going to attempt to compete in our first duathlon and two triathlons (one indoor and one outdoor). I'm not too worried about the indoor triathlon since you use a spin bike, but we are going to have to start training sometime soon.

The duathlon is on May 19th (which if you have been following along means we aren't doing the Cleveland Half this year) and the triathlon we are considering is the sprint portion of the Keuka Lake Triathlon on June 3rd. That will only be one to two weeks into our marathon training, so hopefully we will be alright.

That said, I have no idea where to begin with training. We are in great shape for running, but swimming and biking need a little work. We were swimmers, so I'm not too worried about that, but biking is another story. I haven't ridden a bike in over 10 years. We are going to take our new bikes to a local store for assembly and safety inspections soon, and if the winter we are having continues we might be able to get out on the road to try them out.

I found this training program from Hal Higdon and it looks decent enough. We will have to modify the running portion to increase the mileage and as it gets closer to our relay add some two-a-days in there. Plus, some modifications will need to be made to keep our long run on Sunday.


I'm hoping that this works out, but in the end our marathon is the most important thing this year. This is the year of the marathon, 2013 can be the year of the triathlon (we've already been asked to do the Musselman Half-Iron with someone). As long as we finish a duathlon and a few triathlons I will be happy!

Any triathletes have any advice for us? Have you ever considered entering into the multi-sport world?


  1. Go for it! Unfortunately, my only triathlon experience was when I was like 12, so probably not too helpful, but I'm excited to cheer you on!!

  2. Yay go for it!

    And I was atually considering the Gettysburg North South Marathon

  3. i have no triathalon experience nor advice to offer whatsoever! But I will follow your training and admire your dedication! The swimming part would be the scary thing for me. That and the entry fee! :)

    Yay! 2012 Year of the Marathon - so exciting.

  4. If I could drag my fat a$$ across the finish line of a sprint (1/4 mi swim, 16 mi bike and 3.1 mi walk very slow), then just about anyone can! I was lucky to not really fear the open water swim (naive? stupid? relatively confident swimmer?). I trained for about 12 weeks from a serious couch potato status to a seriously slow finish. But I got to wear the body marking for about a week and "show off". I finished another race (1/2 mi, 15 mi, 3.1 mi) dead freaking last (DFL) just 2 weeks after my first. Having lost some more weight, built up to running more than I walk, adding in some strength/core work and getting pretty solidly on the bandwagon to do more - I'm excited to do my first du in April. Was going to do another tri in May, but just figured out it is on the same day as my daughter's first communion - oops. So I have to scout out another race for May or June and then I'll repeat the 2 I did last year in July with hopefully shooting for an Oly in late Aug. I'm hoping to improve my times from last year (surely being less fat will help!). Last year, I used a training plan entitled "Just a Slice above a couch potato" from a book "Triathlon Training in Four Hours a Week: From Beginner to Finish Line in Just Six Weeks" by Eric Harr. It was a fast read and I liked some of the background he gave about the sport as a whole and not just workout plans. I have read a few others, but this one was my favorite. Best of luck!

  5. I'm training for my first Tri now so I dont really have any advice. I'm nervous as can be and not even close to race day yet.

  6. So excited for you guys. I'll be following your training closely. The thought of completing an ironman is awesome!

    That is my husband's favorite quote. I had it put on his Road ID :)

  7. I've been tempted to do a tri as well, but haven't done any yet... mostly because I don't feel like paying to update my bike. :) I love that you are shooting high--with your determination, I have no doubt that you'll get there!

  8. I'm not interested in crossing over to tri land, mainly because of the swim portion. Open water is NOT my thing! Sooo, I can't offer any advice, but I can offer oodles of encouragement!

    I WOULD consider a duathlon ("consider" being the key) but I'm really content on working on endurance running. If I enjoy 26.2 in March, I'll do another one in the Fall and, hopefully, Ragnar in the Adirondacks. An ultramarathon is what I'm shooting for - like your Ironman. :) - Kristin

  9. WOW! 48 miles, that's awesome! I highly suggest trying out the kettlebells! I love them. I get too bored with more static dumbbells where you're supposed to focus on more control. With the kettlebells they are much more dynamic in the movements and creates a higher cardio-weight workout for me than just lifting dumbbells.