Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Why MDI?

Yesterday was the first Tuesday since our seven year dating anniversary that I didn't do a Seven Things Tuesday post. Last week's may have been the last one since it is difficult to always think of seven things to write about!

I had contemplated writing a post about seven races on my Wish List, but I decided against it. There really is only one race that I want to talk about today, the Mount Desert Island Marathon.

I have mentioned that I will not feel like I have made it as a runner until I run this race and I wholeheartedly believe that statement.

If you didn't know, I am from the Mount Desert Island (MDI), Maine area and I LOVE it! Of course, it has taken me leaving and living in another state to truly appreciate it. Western New York has its own beauty, but it can't even begin to compete with the beauty of MDI.

Nothing like it

Ever since Mike and I started running, I knew that toeing the line at the MDI Marathon was something that I wanted, rather, needed to do.

As a runner I'm not out to prove myself to anyone, except maybe myself. I remember watching parts of the MDI Marathon one year, someone that I worked with was running it, thinking that I would never be able to, nor want to, do it!

Back when I was a high school student, running a marathon was far from anything that I wanted to accomplish. How things have changed!

While MDI isn't going to be our first marathon (hello Wineglass 2012!), I know that someday before I am thirty I will run in it. Hmm, I guess that means I will be running in either the 12th or 13th MDI Marathon!

It isn't the easiest marathon in the world, it's pretty hilly and there isn't always the best spectator support, but I am definitely not the kind of person who wants easy! Plus, watching this video the other day on Facebook made me so excited to run in a marathon and this one specifically!

Take a look for yourself and try to tell me that MDI isn't gorgeous, I bet it will be hard to do!

The views and the familiarity are a couple of the reasons that I want to run in this marathon. The other reason is that I want to do something I love in an area that I love!

But to the question, why MDI? I would have to say, why not?

Is there a race that you just HAVE to run, no matter what? Which one is it?


  1. I totally understand the sentiment for wanting to run at a "home venue"! I miss Oregon so much after living in California for just over a year and a half. I'm already trying to coordinate doing some kind of race when I'm vacation up in Oregon next year!

  2. Sam - definitely! Mike and I are going to schedule our vacation home to Maine in the summer around at least one, maybe two races!

  3. This is hands down the best race!! Annnnnd my son is that cute little baby at minute 9 :). Come do it!!!

  4. Sarah - I knew that was him, he was so cute in the video!

    I'm definitely going to do it, not next year but most likely the year after!

  5. Hey, I was just reading your about page and I think that's so awesome that you and your husband are in the couch to ironman journey together. Thanks for stopping by my blog. It's nice to meet you!

  6. This is awesome and looks very pretty!!

  7. Andrea - Thanks for visiting my blog! We are very excited to try to accomplish an Ironman, I hope that we can! I love what I see on your blog so far :)

    Christie - Thanks, I love my hometown area, especially in the summer! The fall is nice too and since the Marathon is in October it would be so pretty to run through all the fall foliage.

  8. What a cool video. It looks like an absolutely wonderful place to run a marathon. I know people run these things barefoot, but it still surprised me to see tat (@7:20 and @9:20 ish).

    My HAVE-TO-DO race would be the Dallas White Rock Marathon. I was training for that as my first marathon back in 1988 when I was hit by a car and it broke my leg. I couldn't run longer than 8 miles for a while because it would just ache, then I fell out of running for a long time.

    This year I got back in shape (or at least I'm on my way) and was at least able to do the 1/2 marathon at DWRM. Like you, my first will not be at my "must do" location (Cowtown at the end of February for me), but it is "on my list".

  9. Michael - I noticed that too! I don't do barefoot running but I do wear minimalist shoes.

    Good luck with your Marathon in February!

  10. Great post Jamie!! You will be sooo proud of yourself for going to spin class today!!

  11. awesome video! I want to run the ones in my state and then branch out!