Friday, December 9, 2011

Tomorrow is Going to be Wonderful

Since we are running in the It's a Wonderful Run 5K along with 1,800 other runners, which will make it our largest race to date!

Tomorrow is going to be our eighth race and considering our first 5K was in June I would say that is pretty good! This is actually only going to be our third 5K and we haven't raced the distance officially since July. We did "race" a 5K during a training run for our half marathon, which ironically is my unofficial 5K PR (31:01).

I've already shown you part of my race outfit for tomorrow and I can't wait to wear it! Since this race is for fun (for me anyway) I don't mind wearing a sparkle skirt. Don't get me wrong though, if it were an "A" race I would be all business.

Imagine this with a green long sleeve shirt and black tights!

I know that Mike has different plans for this race, even though he is dressing up too! I do want to give it my all but I am being realistic given my circumstances at the moment. I didn't finish our last race and I have been dealing with a lingering injury since then.

Also, I have a tiny secret. Ready for it?

I kind of hate the 5K distance.

It isn't the worst thing in the world but I know that I would much rather run a longer distance.

At the end of my best race, a 10 miler

Although Mike planted the seed by saying he would want to do an Ironman, I think that he would be content with running shorter distances in order to work on speed. Actually I know this for a fact since I have asked which he would rather work on, speed or distance. He of course responded speed, but since he is a great husband he is going to do both because he knows that I would rather work on distance. Just one of the many reasons why I love him!

I have a feeling that he secretly wants to run a 24:xx or less finishing time tomorrow and I know that he can do it. His official PR right now is 28:30 and he is definitely going to crush that since he already has run faster in longer races.

My plan for tomorrow?

Finish the race, first and foremost, without walking or stopping and have fun while doing it. I think the Santa hat takes care of the "fun" part!

If I feel great and don't have any pain in my ankle/heel I am going to push as hard as I can and try to come in under 30 minutes. I would be happy with 29:59!

I want to at least come in with a 30:xx time if I can't go sub-30:00.

The last result that I would be happy with would be getting a new official PR.

The race is at 4:30pm so my race recap won't be up until Sunday. Good luck to anyone else racing this weekend!

Do you secretly hate the 5K distance like me or do you thrive on shorter distance races? Have you ever run a race in the evening?


  1. Okay... first of all, please take pics of you two at race tomorrow- want to see you in your outfits!! Second... good luck to both of you!!! Hope you both do what you are looking to do at race!! When I first started running, I did mostly 5ks and then worked up to longer distances. I used to like doing 5ks much more than I do now. Part of it is that I train with Team Utopia and we do more distance. Our two training runs this week were 7 and 7 1/4 miles in length! My race on sunday is the first winter series race of year and I am doing the 15k distance- would never even consider doing the 3-miler!! But mostly all my friends will do the 15k too!! I do have couple friends though whose times have been getting faster at 5k and that makes them want to run more of those. Lastly, I have done a good number of evening races, most of them 6pm or later. since I do training runs many time in evening, it is no problem. You guys run in evening too at times- so, you should have no problem. Just be sure to eat a good bkfast. and have something couple hours before race too- maybe just some gatorade and something like peanut butter/crackers to eat. Good luck!!!

  2. Good luck this weekend Jamie! Hope you both do really well. I'm starting to love the longer distances more. It gives me more time to get the kinks out and settle into a comfortable pace.

  3. I found you off the blog hop!!!! :) And yes, I WANT PICTURES!!! :)

  4. Good luck this weekend! Love your outfit. Now I want a red sparkly skirt for my Jingle Bell run :)

    I totally prefer the longer distances. The longer the better! With shorter races I feel like I'm just hitting my rhythm and it's over.

  5. So excited to hear about how it went! I'll bet you killed it :) I like's 10K that gets me :P

  6. Excited to read your race recap - hopefully w/some photos in your Santa outfit! I think the 5K distance is tough because it's so short and there's no time to correct mistakes. Before you know it, it's over. I'm doing HMRRC's first Winter Series race tomorrow too and chose to go with the 15K since Sunday's are long run days for me anyway and doing a long run out of my neighborhood and around some other peeps is a good motivator. :)

  7. cant wait to see your pictures and recap