Saturday, December 3, 2011

Anything Can Happen to My Legs

But leave my arms alone.

The last two days of Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred have caused muscles that I didn’t even know existed to become sore. Seriously, we have muscles underneath our elbows? I wasn’t aware of that until now.

My legs are much stronger than my arms; probably because anytime my arms start to hurt I stop strength training right away. This hasn’t always been the case but since I have become a sign language interpreter I am extremely careful of my arms and hands. They are my living so I have to be careful.

Even when I was a swimmer my legs were more powerful than my arms. I was a great kicker but a so-so puller. I love kicking!

Old School photo

Backstroke, how I miss you!

My goal with my personal December challenge with the Jillian Michaels DVD is to have my arms get stronger, but I’m already feeling sore and I hope that I can still interpret!

Of course I am joking, albeit slightly, about how anything can happen to my legs but not my arms. But then again, I’m not. Even though I would be sad if I couldn’t run again, I would have a hard time earning a living if something happened to my arms/hands. While I joke that the only reason I got a masters degree was for the hood, I really got it for job security in the future if I were to become injured.

My most prized possession, this time I'm not kidding

Lots of interpreters end up with severe carpal tunnel, tendonitis or arthritis and they no longer can interpret. I hope this doesn't happen to me, but if it does I at least have a means to a back up plan (I would go to law school, if you were interested).

I know that the 30 Day Shred is not going to render me incapable of interpreting, but I think that I may have been a little too overzealous with my plan. The thought of doing the Shred for 31 days in a row is starting to scare me a little bit. Plus, I have a 5K next weekend and I want to rock it with a sub-30 finishing time!

In the interest of my arms not falling off, again joking but only slightly, and not completely burning out I am going to spread the 30 days over the months of December and January fitting it in when it is the most appropriate.

I think this is for the best and it makes participating in Tall Mom’s December Challenge that much more doable.

Have you ever had to modify goals/plans?


  1. Definitely. I had to modify my expectations for my second half when school work made it hard for me to keep up with running. Its good to remain flexible.

  2. didn't realize... but should have... that Jillian Michaels would be so tough- good plan to stretch it out a little!! When I knew I wanted to qualify for Boston(many years ago!!) and I broke my ankle in summer '97, I had to modify my plans and put off running a marathon until '98- but I accomplished my goal at Wineglass marathon!!

  3. Yeah I am totally in agreement with you in modifying the Jillian. Now if that is your only exercise... that's one thing, but shredding everyday and still running is brutal. I'm trying to get into a similar routine with the Ripped in 30 dvd. So far so good. My arms are weak and noodly too. Blarg.

  4. Good idea... the last time I did Jillian's shred I had to do the same thing. I did every other day because my body was just killing me and I couldn't get through the work out.

    Now that you have posted a few times about Jillian's Shred work out I am jumping on the wagon with you. I am starting today!!

  5. I think Jillian was designed to be an every day workout if that is the only exercise you are getting - otherwise it's a nice complementary workout if you are already doing other stuff. She's tough! Good for you adapting to make things work!

    Are you a sign language interpreter?

  6. Thanks everyone, I definitely think that it is the best decision!

    Katy - I'm glad you are going to do it too!

    Kathy - I am a sign language interpreter, I work in the post-secondary setting in Rochester, New York.