Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Seven Things Tuesday: Injury update and New Running Items

Good evening, it's Seven Things Thursday again!


Too much candy!

We have way too much Halloween candy left and I want it out of my house!

For the past two years, ever since we moved into our house, we have had a good number of trick-or-treaters but this year we had to do things a little bit differently. Because of this guy.

I'm innocent, really

Bernie hates when people knock on the door and since Mike was working last night I would have had to deal with him and all the kids by myself. I didn't feel like doing that so I just left a bowl of candy outside with a sign. I guess that not many people stopped by because it was almost completely full at the end of the night!

We also were able to go to a Halloween party on Saturday night. It was really fun! Two of our relay teammates invited us to their house for some fun with good food and good people. It was nice to try some new food, gluten-free, and meet some new people. I hope we can hang out with them again soon!

Seneca 7 Relay Team Name

Speaking of our relay team, we have decided on a team name! Since the registration period has opened we are in the process of getting all of the necessary details together. The team name we decided on is (drum roll please):

Will Run for Whoopie Pies

Should this be our team outfit?

I can't wait to run with these wonderful people and enjoy some gluten-free, raw/vegan, and regular whoopie pies after the race! I think we have every type of whoopie pie covered on our team.

New Shoes


Pair one of two of my new shoes arrived today!

I can't wait to take these babies out for a spin!

Other New Running Items

In addition to those sparkly new shoes that arrived today, Mike and I have some other running items arriving this week. I have my other Sauconys coming tomorrow and Mike also bought some new running shorts and cold weather socks.

I also scooped up an amazing deal on Schwaggle.com. If you don't know what Schwaggle is, it is Active.com's version of Groupon. I noticed that they had a deal for Zensah compression socks at half price and I have been dying to try any type of compression socks, so of course I had to purchase one! I'm not sure when they will arrive, but I can't wait for them to get here!

Injury Update

Not much more of this!

With all this new running stuff coming to our house, I'm excited to say that I am going to start running again tomorrow! I have no pain in my foot and I'm hoping that it will really be gone after continuing my R.I.C.E. regimen until we run tomorrow evening. I can't wait to get back out there!

Plus, I really don't want to have my weekly training report from Daily Mile say that I ran 0 miles again for a long time!

Day 1 of Pile on the Miles

I have good reason to want to get back out there, today is the first day of the Pile on the Miles challenge! I obviously signed up for this before I knew that I would have to take some time off from running, but I am hoping that I will still be able to run the 5 miles required to be automatically entered into this week's giveaway!

Catching up on our DVR

Since Mike worked last night, and Monday nights are chock full of great tv shows, we are catching up on them tonight!

So far we've watched Whitney and How I Met Your Mother. It's great to spend the evening laughing with the one I love!

What were your seven things today?


  1. I worked... was charge nurse at work today... brought in some leftover halloween candy to work because we didnt get many trick or treaters... we had birthday cake at work for two co-workers whose birthdays are on halloween... I ran a track workout at SUNY Albany with my team(ran 400's- 7 of them)...made arrangements to run part of Stockade course tomorrow with team, and then go out to Chinese buffet afterwards...and found out we are getting our garage roof re-done the end of this week! Hope you guys have good run tomorrow! Remember to ice after you run, Jamie!

  2. I don't have seven things, but it's awesome that you got such a good deal on compression socks. And I hope that you get to get out and run pain free.

  3. Love your new shoes...great deal on compression socks!! Not sure about the costume...might be a little hard to breathe :) but it is awfully cute!!