Friday, November 11, 2011

Ready or Not, Here I Come

Oh I'm ready, it's the Stockade-athon 15K that's not ready for me to tear up its course on Sunday!

This morning Mike and I set out for another 3 mile run. It was really cold! I actually wore a long sleeve shirt and my running tights. I'm not sure if the shirt is meant for cold weather running because it doesn't really warm me up at all. I do prefer to be a little bit colder when I run so it wasn't a problem today.

When Mike said that the first mile was 10:11 pace, I was shocked. I felt like we were going about the same speed that we did on Wednesday night, but our pace was a lot slower then.

When the second mile was 9:52 pace, I knew that we were going to have an average pace less than 10:00 minutes per mile. We pushed a little bit harder the last mile and ended up with a 9:42 pace. Our average pace was 9:55 minutes per mile and our total time was 29:47! At the end of our run it started to snow, but nothing stuck thankfully!

Mike seems to think that we have done a training run with a sub 10:00 minute per mile average pace, but I don't think we have. Except one time when we ran a 2 mile run in about 18:00 minutes.

This training run was the first one where I felt confident about the Stockade-athon this weekend. I am ready to take it on and crush it!


The course description on the website has me excited. A course that is flat for the first 5.5 miles, with only one hill and rolling hills and flat the rest of the way? Yes, please!

If the course terrain was similar to our half marathon, I would be slightly worried. I'm not sure that I would be able to run in a race quite like that yet since I am still taking it easy due to my injury. It doesn't hurt when I run, but an extremely hilly course would probably make my feet really angry with me.

The best part of the race is that they are going to provide nuun afterward in the "recovery zone". I hope that they have tri-berry or strawberry lemonade! Other amenities in the recovery area will be ice baths, foam rollers, "the stick", KT tape and Trigger Point active release. I may need to partake in the ice baths after the race depending on how my feet feel.

Speaking of flat race courses, which Rock 'n' Roll Half Marathon did Mike and I sign up for this morning, you ask?

While both of the two contenders put up a good fight, the ultimate winner was...

The Rock 'n' Roll Chicago Half Marathon on July 22, 2012! Will anyone be joining us there?

We also registered for a local 5K race this morning. As my Facebook status said, there was some registering madness going on this morning and I loved every minute of it!

Good luck to anyone else racing this weekend!

Did you partake in the Rock 'n' Roll registering madness today? If so, which race did you sign up for? Have you registered for any other races recently?


  1. The stockade-athon has that one hill coming out of Central park at around the one mile mark, then, the State Street hill at around 5.5 miles, and then the hill going up Bradley Blvd. at around 7 miles. Glad to hear you guys signed up for Chicago- should be fun!! You'll have to practice running distance in the heat though!! Sounds like you had good training run this morning- I did too- but no snowflakes!!

  2. Good luck with your Stockadeathon! I've never run races of any length other than a 5k and half. I just love the 5K too much to spend money on other lengths like the 10K.

    After much debating, I didn't sign up for the rock n'roll series yet. I am still debating on which race to run. I take a long time deciding on the races I sign up for. But you'll have fun in Chicago.

  3. Congrats on picking your next half marathon! I also just registered for a local 5k race- my first ever!- in January. Your blog is one of the ones I've been following lately that has been inspiring me. Thanks! :)

    Reese @

  4. good luck on your 15k! I've never raced that distance before, but I might give it a try next year. Trying to mix it up a bit with other distances so the half marathon/marathon doesn't get stale.

    Congrats on picking Chicago! I'm sure it will be a ton of fun :)