Thursday, November 3, 2011

I'm Back!

Yesterday, I went for my first run in almost a week and a half.

I ran 3.5 pain-free miles and while it wasn't my fastest run, not even close, I felt great!

Here are the stats:

Lap 1 - 10:16 pace
Lap 2 - 11:02 pace
Lap 3 - 11:16 pace
Lap 4 (.5) - 11:39 pace

Total Time: 38:22
Average Pace: 10:58 minutes per mile

We may have started out a little bit too fast, but overall I felt really good. The best part was that I was able to wear my new shoes!

Kinvara 2s are amazing!

I haven't run in these enough to give a full review on them, but so far I like them a lot better than my Nike Free Run 2s. That is saying a lot because I loved my Nikes! I think these shoes and my Saucony Mirages (I haven't worn these yet) will help keep me injury free.

Tonight, we also ran. We probably wouldn't have normally but since I am participating in the Pile on the Miles Challenge I wanted to get in some extra miles. Plus, I am trying to get my legs used to running again before our next race, next Sunday!

We set out thinking that we were going to do either 3.5 or 4 miles, depending on how we felt (more how I felt). When we were semi-close to our house we had done 3.41 miles, so I said that we should just keep going until the 4 mile mark. I'm glad we did because I felt pretty good!

Again my pace wasn't anything spectacular but the speed will come back sooner rather than later.

Lap 1 - 11:06 pace
Lap 2 - 11:01 pace
Lap 3 - 11:05 pace
Lap 4 - 11:20 pace

Total Time: 44:34
Average Pace: 11:08 minutes per mile

Since we have been running at night, I brought out my new bright long sleeve shirt from Mike's mom. It was a Halloween gift. She gave Mike an orange one, too. Mine is a little bit long on me, but that's alright.

The front says "run"

I'm hoping that my weekend "long" run will go well on Saturday or Sunday. I will probably do a little less mileage than Mike depending on how I feel.

What do you wear while running at night?


  1. I wear my head lamp and I just got the medium-sized arm band that I ordered from "gone for a run"- kinda big for my arm- but I guess we are gonna be switching arm bands- Mike will bring back the small one to me and I will give him the medium one. That band puts off alot of light!! so glad to hear you are running okay!!

  2. I finally ran this afternoon too, after milking my injured knee. I still have a slight bit of pain, but all day today I hardly felt it. So, I thought I'd start out only going a 1/2 mile (yeah, I know, wimp, right?). I ended up going a mile cuz I was feeling really good. I probably could have gone more, but I figured better be safe than sorry. So, I'll go farther on Sat. I'm still feeling fine, although that same twinge of pain is still there. But boy, did it feel good to get out again--just hoping I didn't make a mistake by going out! I biked quite briskly for about 3 miles after my jog and had to stop cuz it was gonna get dark; otherwise I would have gone farther. The biking doesn't bother my knee at all, and that's what I've been doing instead of jogging. Glad you're back in action and feeling good!!

  3. Awesome that you are running pain free. Hope that continues. I usually wear whatever I have at night. I am not as safe as I should be. But I do alter my route that I stay mostly within the bounds of my university. That way, the roads are better lit.

  4. Suzie - Here's some info I found on knee injuries. I think you are doing good by slowly increasing your mileage.,7120,s6-241-285--7773-0,00.html

  5. i adore my kinvara's!!!

    I have started making sure I wear something reflective and bright colors when running super early (usually no late nights)

  6. Love your shirt and I am glad that you are running pain free. I always wear my headlamp in the morning and reflective tape on my ipod band and white shirts...seems to work as when the cars see me they give me plenty of room!!!