Thursday, November 17, 2011

If I Listened to Music...

Kristin's recent post inspired me to write about this topic today.

I think I have mentioned a few times how I don't listen to music while running, training runs nor races. I know we aren't alone out there, Mike doesn't listen to music either, but I think most people would prefer to have something to listen to while running.

You would think that this means that Mike and I talk up a storm while running, ha - not even close. The first time we ran with his mom I had no idea who he was because he was talking so much. He kept doing it that whole week while we were in Maine, too.

Before a run in Maine

It is surprising that I don't run with music because I love it so much! I have a wide array of music on my iTunes and sometimes in college I would go on music downloading sprees and then play my new songs over and over again. Mike and I may or may not have downloaded almost every song that Genesis, Peter Gabriel and Phil Collins ever made. Don't judge. We even played "Follow you, Follow Me" during our sand ceremony at our wedding.

Ryan T. Collier photo

It's even more surprising that I don't listen to music while running because when I was a swimmer I would constantly listen to music before my races. I needed it to pump myself up. My junior year of high school I even danced behind the blocks before every race, maybe that's why I did so well that year! I was having fun and music played a huge part in that, yet, during practice I couldn't listen to music. I guess that's why I don't while I am running, I'm practicing in a sense.

Want to know what I would listen to if I were to bust out the iPod during training runs or races? It might be important to note that my iTunes ranges from Mariah Carey to Marilyn Manson, Ace of Base to AC/DC, Brad Paisley to Box Car Racer and Sevendust to Story of the Year. So as you can see I'm a little bit all over the place in my everyday music selections. Yet, before races I would always listen to rap and hip hop. So here you go:

I'm surprised more of these aren't "explicit" honestly

I realize that most of these are somewhat "old", but they would most likely motivate me during a run.

Doing this really makes me miss my college days, just a little bit, since most of these are songs I would listen to in my dorm room over and over again! I really need to listen to my iTunes more often.

Do you listen to music while you run? What genre do you prefer?


  1. Thanks for the shout out! When I get really into my playlist and a run I've been known to bust out a move or two (dance-running?). Now THAT'S being in the zone! :)

  2. I never listen to music. I was actually thinking about posting about music sometime soon. I usually prefer "bad"poppy music. It's the running joke that my friend and I will one day host a booty party where all the songs will be "bad" rap music that involve booty shaking.

  3. Just about everytime I run by myself, I listen to music. Actually, I listen to different radio stations and to talk radio or sports radio! I guess it helps the time pass and makes it more enjoyable when running by myself. As for when I began training with others- Nisky Moms first, then Team Utopia and ARE friends- we just always talk about anything and everything!!! Don't talk the whole time(especially when I'm having a hard time keeping pace with my friends!) but talk off and on for whole run.

  4. I dont listen to music while running. I like music, but when running, I want to be aware of the things around me, and I feel like running without music is much more relaxing.

  5. Nina - I agree! It is definitely not as safe to listen to music while running and since we run on some busy roads it is better that we don't listen to music.