Monday, November 21, 2011

Another Day, Another Birthday

Yesterday, I told you that it was Bernie's birthday (he loved his pup-pie, in case you were wondering).

Today is another family member's birthday, my dad's!

Father-daughter dance

My dad played so many sports growing up and still does! He plays golf with my mom whenever they have the chance. Mike and I have gone with them a few times, but I don't play I just tag along.

When my dad was younger he did some triathlons and road races. The triathlons were a little different from the typical swim, bike, run, though. They were row, bike, run. He was part of the reason Mike and I got this crazy idea that we want to do an Ironman.

Growing up my dad coached my t-ball team and my brother's little league team. He would make it to as many of our athletic and academic events as he could and I am so grateful that I have those memories of my mom and dad supporting us in the stands.

My parents even came to my championship swim meet the last year that I swam in college. Even though at that point I knew that I was burnt out from swimming, it meant so much to me to have them there. My mom even got a picture of my dad giving me a pep talk and I'm glad that I have that memory.

Happy birthday, dad!


In other news, Saturday was the start of the Holiday Bootie Buster Challenge hosted by Amanda at Run to the Finish. Of course I signed up for this before I got injured, but no worries I can still participate!

Saturday I didn't do anything but on Sunday Mike and I took Bernie for a 2 mile birthday walk. Today we hit the gym and I did 40 minutes on the stationary bike while Mike ran on the treadmill. Then, I got on the treadmill and decided to see how I felt. I'm still not 100% but if I want to run in our next race I need to start walking at least. I decided to do a mile alternating between walking and running every .1 miles. I'm happy to say that I was able to run the .5 miles! I still have some pain so I probably won't run again until after Thanksgiving but I'm glad that I was able to do it at least.

Speaking of our next race, want to see part of my outfit?

Pretty sparkles!

I'm excited to get my sparkle on during the It's a Wonderful Run 5K! Now I just have to figure out what shirt to wear.

The last thing I did today was buy Jillian Michaels' 30 Day Shred DVD and 3 pound hand weights. On December 1st, I am going to start the 30 day challenge and try to do the DVD every day (since there are 31 days in December I can probably skip Christmas). This will be my first workout DVD, unless you count my Dance! Workout with Barbie VHS from years ago. Anyone want to join me? We can help each other get through it!

Have you used workout DVDs? Do you like them or hate them?


  1. I just found your blog and I'm your newest follower!! I'm looking forward to following your journey! Your outfit is super CUTE!!

  2. I like the sparkles for your 5K. I've heard good things about the shred. I have used workout DVDs but I have hard time with motivation.

  3. Happy birthday to your dad, Jamie!! Liked reading the memories you have of him when you were growing up. Love your sparkle outfit!! I have some pilates DVD's- I actually used to do them alot before I joined Best Fitness and go there for classes now. Jillian Michaels is quite a motivator, so, I would assume her DVD would be great!

  4. I heard the Jillian Michaels' Shred workout really gets your butt in shape. I have one of her Wii workouts but it's just ok. If the weather is terrible I'll pop in the Just Dance game. So excited that Just Dance 3 came out in time for Christmas - top of my list (sadly)!

  5. As you probably can remember I have used workout DVD's for them for many reasons...the big one being able to workout whenever I want...worked out at the fitness center for years and hated having to be there at a certain time!!
    Will have to show dad your birthday post...I watched him compete in a few road races and three triathlons...he was very very good!!! So I am sure that you will take after him!!