Monday, November 28, 2011

21 Random Facts

This morning Mike and I ran 3.5 miles. I had to stop and walk, really I didn't want to but I knew it was probably for the best, a little after 2 miles. We probably walked less than half a mile, so I am really pleased!

Lap 1 - 9:47 pace
Lap 2 - 10:00 pace
Lap 3 - 11:27 pace
Lap 4 (.5) - 9:58 pace

Total Time: 36:13
Average Pace: 10:21 minutes per mile

I also stretched for ten minutes which gave me a total of 4 points for the Holiday Bootie Buster Challenge!

Now onto the rest of this post. Yesterday I noticed that Tall Mom tagged me to write 21 random facts about myself after I had already written my post. Today I was reading Rena's blog and she tagged me too!

Even though you have already gotten to know me a little bit, here are 21 more random facts about myself. Enjoy!

1. My brother and I are 15 months apart and we have been mistaken for twins on occasion. I don't really think we look like twins, but that's just me!

Twins? I think not.

2. I have never broken a bone (knock on wood) and the most serious injury that I have had was probably when I got hit in the face by a softball. We were using the tee during practice (keep in mind this was sophomore year of high school) and a girl hit a line drive right into my face. In hindsight my coach probably shouldn't have had me standing on the pitcher's mound, even though I was the pitcher. I finished out the softball season and then didn't play ever again.

3. That softball injury made me become extremely frightened of things being thrown at me. Doesn't matter what it is, if it is coming in my general direction I will flinch, guaranteed.

4. Mike and I are avid hikers. We try to go hiking every summer while we are in Maine, I can't wait until next summer to check some more off of our list!

On Acadia Mountain last summer

5. I will feel like I have made it as a runner when I run in the Mount Desert Island Marathon.

6. My favorite color is green.

7. I am currently studying (although not very much) for the National Interpreter Certification performance test provided by the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf. Hopefully I pass!

8. I am short, I am 5'4 (maybe slightly shorter than that). I always wanted to be taller, at least 5'6, since I knew that it would have helped me as a swimmer. I definitely gave those taller girls a run for their money, though!

9. I bought a car and a house on my own before I turned 25.

We were practicing our Vanna White skills

10. I don't like shopping, it gives me a headache and I usually just get hungry while doing it.

11. I rarely do the cooking at our house. Mike is good to me!

12. I am not very girly, although I think in the last few years I have become more so than in the past. I've worn dresses more times in the last two and a half years than probably any other time in my life (except when I was really little). Every time was for a wedding, including my own.

13. I wore Converse on our wedding day, as did Mike. Best. Decision. Ever.

14. As soon as I get home I put on my pajama pants. Hey, I would rather be comfortable than wear my interpreting clothes the rest of the night!

15. Mike and I joined a local Masters swim team a few years ago. We stuck with it for a few months but in the end it was too expensive. Plus we felt a little out of place, we were the youngest people on the team by about 15 to 20 years!

Masters swim meet in Middlebury, Vermont

16. I don't like to drink alcohol that often. As Mike says, I prefer "kiddie drinks". If I had to pick a favorite "kiddie" drink it would be a three-way tie between Dr. Pepper, lemonade and any type of cranberry juice.

17. I am a Yankees fan, even though I am from New England. Sorry mom and dad!

Halloween 2009

18. I have very few close friends, but the ones I do have I wouldn't trade for the world.

19. I am an introvert. Probably the reason for #18.

20. I love to scrapbook! Unfortunately, I haven't scrapbooked in a little while. I'm hoping that once we organize my scrapbooking room, yes I am lucky enough to have a room, that I will get back into the swing of things. I'm hoping to scrapbook with my mom around Christmas.

21. I have never given blood nor would I ever be able to voluntarily. I had to have blood work done two years ago and I cried because I didn't want to have it done. The poor lady who did it probably thought I was the biggest loser since I was almost 25 at the time. But at least I didn't pass out!

Now I will tag these lovely people (my followers who have a running blog and didn't tag me):


Anyone else want to share some random facts about themselves?


  1. That's so cool that you were able to buy a house on your own!

    Good luck on passing your test.

  2. I broke my right fibula bone when I caught my foot wrong on the road running the 1997 Boilermaker race. Needed surgery with 2 screws to fix me up!! Cast for about 6 weeks. My ankle/lower leg has felt stronger since!! I qualified for Boston Marathon the next year(1998)at Wineglass Marathon. I brought my orthopedic doc a small tray of cookies to thank him for fixing me up and allowing me to run again!!

  3. I haven't broken anything either....I'm knocking on wood to. I don't need any injuries....I sure do have lots of questions about swimming....I will send you a email! :) Thanks girl!!!