Sunday, October 16, 2011

We survived!

Even though the weather looked a little scary for the 16th Annual Run for Hospice Ten Miler (and 5K), Mike and I still survived! Sadly, the weather was enough to cause Ali to not run. I don't blame her though, she has her second Marathon next weekend!

I will write an official race recap later after the photos are up, but we had an amazing time. Mike's official time was 1:29.23 which was an 8:56 minute per mile pace. I'm so proud of him! I was only twenty seconds off of my A Goal with a finishing time of 1:41.19. I really thought it was a long shot that I could hold that kind of pace (10:08 minutes per mile) for 10 miles, but apparently I can!

We were going to run in the RIT Brick City 5K Fun Run today, but we were a little tired and decided not to.

We also didn't like that registration started at 8:30am but the race didn't start until 10am. Since the race is a free event that's not too bad, but we didn't want to hang around for almost an hour and a half before running.

There's always next year, but if the Run for Hospice and this 5K fall on the same weekend we would most likely pick the Run for Hospice again! Even though, if we run in our first Marathon we might have to re-think that plan.

How did your races go this weekend?


  1. Congrats on finishing with great times! Well, if you're sad about missing today's 5k, there's one in Rochester next Sat that I'm probably going to sign up for. But unfortunately, it's not free. It's the Johnny's Run like hell 5k.

  2. Rena - we would totally do it but that's when we are running our first half marathon!

    They were handing out cards advertising the East Avenue Grocery Run that we are thinking about possibly doing. It's on November 5th. The only thing holding us back from doing it is that it is the week before the Stockade-athon 15K that we are signed up for.

  3. Congrats you two..again!! Mike... you're getting closer to me with your times!!!(uh oh!) Now, when you say registration started at 830am- that's the latest time you could pick up your number?! That's surprising!! And how was it that the race was free?!!

  4. It was free because it wasn't actually a race, it was a fun run. I don't even know if they had numbers, from pictures of last year's even it looked like some people had numbers and other people had these ribbon things. I'm sure we could have gone later than 8:30 but it didn't say when registration would close.

  5. Congrats on finishing so close to your goal!!! I almost wish I would have done it because the weather definitely wasn't as bad as predicted. Ahh well, we will meet at another race soon! :)

  6. Congrats to both of you!!! You have really made great "strides" in your running!! Awesome times for both of you...can't wait to read your recap!!

  7. Great job on your 10 mile run! I haven't even run that far yet. ;)