Friday, October 28, 2011

Three to Five Days...

I'm not excited about writing this post, especially since it is the type that I hoped I would never have to write (but really that was probably being unrealistic).

Mike and I have only been running for six months and we have already completed six races, including our recent half marathon. We have barely taken any time off and have gone from one training program to the next, yet, for the most part we have felt fine. Well, Mike typically always feel fine. I'm the one that has had knee pain, foot pain and ankle pain at different times throughout our short running career.

I have run through all of the pain and it has all gone away in a day or so. Yet, I know that I really should have probably taken a few extra days off here and there, but I figured that most of the pain that I felt was normal.

After our half marathon, I had a hard time walking. But, I had just run 13.1 miles, so I didn't really think anything of it. I knew that I was going to be sore and that I would probably have to take a few days off before running again. Which is fine, since our next race isn't until November 13th.

Yet, after a few days I knew that something wasn't quite right. I just kept hoping that the pain in my left foot would go away by the next time we ran.

Tonight was the first time that we ran since Sunday. Mostly because of recovery, but I also had a dentist appointment last night.

We barely made it past a mile before I had to stop. I have been secretly thinking the worst, a stress fracture, and I finally caved in and made an appointment.

The doctor felt around my foot and asked me if I was feeling any pain when she pressed on certain areas. The most painful spot was right on the top in the middle.

After she was done with that she told me that it was highly unlikely that I have a stress fracture. She said that she didn't feel anything out of place or any broken bones and that my foot wasn't swollen. She did say that there was some bruising on the top of my foot, though.

She concluded that I most likely have an overuse injury and I have to ice, elevate, ace bandage wrap and take ibuprofen three times a day.

Fun times

Plus, I can't run for three to five days.

I know it could be worse, a lot worse, but I am really disappointed. Mike and I were doing so well and we have already taken four days off from running. I really don't want to take any more days off. Don't worry, I'm going to listen to the doctor.

I know that I am going to be right back to running in no time, but until then I will just be trying to recover as quick as possible. She did say that if after five to seven days the pain is still persistent that I need to get it checked out again.

Even though she told me that I can't run, I'm hoping this means that I can still cross train. Mike is going to run without me this weekend and I'm probably going to go to the gym to use the elliptical or stationary bike.

How have you dealt with injuries? Or have you been lucky enough to not have any?


  1. Aww. Injuries suck. Feel better! I have never had an injury that I had to go to doctor for. Whenever my shin or something felt sore, I just took a few days off.

  2. First of all... unfortunately, injuries go along with consistent running- at least that is what I have experienced with my 22 years of running!! Not too long after I first started running, I had groin pulls couple of times(not sure I ever got these), but, I had to take time off for these. I ended up doing some aqua jogging in the pool during my time off. Doing cross-training during injury is a good idea. Since you are a swimmer, getting in the water is not a bad idea. You want non-impact exercising for now. I would say stationary bike over elliptical at present or else getting in the pool. Do they have aqua vests at RIT pool- I ended up buying my own. But you just run in deep end of pool for certain amt. of time- maybe 20 minutes or so to start. Just a suggestion. But, rest, ice, elevation and Motrin 600 3x day- that's way to go! Injuries are a pain(literally!!) but if you are smart and take the time off now, you should be better sooner than later!!

  3. Oh no!!! I am so sorry to hear about this!

    I am currently dealing with a non-compliant shin. The original pain I had clearned up, but now it's hurting in a different location, and it's become worse. I am only going crazy from googling things on the internet. I have been elevating, icing with frozen veggies and taking ice baths, wearing compression sleeves, doing cross-training, resting, and strengthening exercises. I even picked up a new pair of shoes today to see if it will help...

    Even when you do heal, you (just like I am right now) have to figure out WHAT exactly caused it. That's the difficult part. :(

    Good luck - I can't believe we are both having injuries at the same time!

  4. I agree with Joan...running in a pool is a great way to keep in shape with your is actually recommended as a way to train and there is no impact to your foot because you are in the deep end and your feet never impact anything!!!

    Also when we spoke I forgot to mention the arnica gel that I am using for my hamstring is also good for bruising so you may want to try that as a topical natural remedy along with the ice,rest,wrapping and of course the Motrin (even though you don't like to take anything)

    We have all been hurt at one time or another it goes with any sport...I have been running for a long long time and I have had many different injuries along the sucks big time....but listen to your body and you will be back running stronger than you were before the injury happened!!