Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Seven Things Tuesday: Bloggers I Admire

If you are new around here, first, welcome! Second, every Tuesday I do a post called "Seven Things Tuesday" to continue the celebration of my husband's and my seven year dating anniversary.

This week I am going to do it a little bit differently than normal, I'm not going to talk about seven things that I did today. If you really must know it would have probably included something about how our Garmin arrived this weekend, the shoes that I ordered are on back order and that I am really sore from our half marathon. Oh, you didn't know? Mike and I are half marathoners! I will probably obsess about this for months and months until our next half marathon, most likely on New Year's day.

Such a good feeling coming into the finish with my husband cheering me on!

So instead, I am going to talk about seven different bloggers who I admire and secretly wish that we were best friends so that we could talk about running all the time.

Ali - Ali on the Run

Ali's blog was one of the first running blogs that I started to read a few months ago. She is a really entertaining writer who lives in NYC and she just completed her first marathon! She "Ran for the Rabbit", JackRabbit Sports, and raised money for the Crohn's and Colitis Foundation of America. That's how I got my "I heart sweat shirt" that I wore during the half marathon! She picked this organization because she happens to have Crohn's disease and keeps it real on her blog by sharing how this disease affects her running.

Ali - Ali Runs

Another Ali! When I found her blog, I was pleasantly surprised to find out that she lives in Rochester currently because of grad school. I like her style and I think that we could be really good friends. We were going to meet up at the Run for Hospice 10 mile race, but she didn't run because of the bad weather. That's because she didn't want to jeopardize her upcoming marathon, that she just completed this past weekend. I can't wait to read her race recap! I noticed that she said she's sad that she doesn't have a race on her schedule to look forward to, so maybe she would be interested in running in one with me and Mike soon.

Rena - Miles to go Before I Sleep

Rena's blog is a newer one that I have started to read and I like what I see! She happened to comment on my blog because she also reads Ali Runs (they met at a half marathon). We are also going to hopefully meet up sometime because she goes to school semi-near Rochester. I am jealous that she is going to run in her third half marathon in California, an amazing birthday present that she bought herself! I hope she can get closer to her goal of a sub 2 hour half marathon!

Emily - Sweat Once a Day

Mike often confuses this blog with Ali on the Run because of the sweat shirt, for good reason I think! This sweaty girl's blog is another one of the first running and endurance training blogs that I started to read in September. I was fascinated by her strength and passion for the sport. She has completed numerous triathlons, including our goal: an Ironman. I love how even when she is in a tough spot, her blog usually has a positive take on life and running. Right now is one of those times because she unfortunately broke her foot recently. I know she will be up and running in no time and crushing her sub-3:20 marathon goal!

Melanie - Tall Mom on the Run

One of the west coast blogs that I read and really enjoy! I love how she can balance running, working, blogging and spending time with her family. She is really encouraging and might possibly venture into the ultra marathon scene next year! I look up to her as a runner and if I ever met her in person I would literally look up to her. She is 6'0 while I am 5'4. She also rocks the pigtail, running skirt and compression socks look!

Casey - This Girl Can Run

After Casey commented on my blog, I of course went to check out hers! We both started running and blogging around the same time, so I definitely have a connection with her posts. Our long training run paces are similar so she has me feeling confident that I can run a sub-30:00 minute 5K like she has! She just started to swim, so I hope that I can give her some helpful tips. I also love that she includes some cute photos of her cats on some of her posts.

Melody - Will Run for Margaritas

I love this blogger's style! While I don't like margaritas as much as she does, I think it's great that her blog has some sort of theme. She is also super speedy and I aspire to be half the runner that she is. I love to read her race recaps and dream about running a sub-20:00 minute 5K! See, I told you she is speedy. She also does tons of great giveaways, which is just an added bonus to her blog. Melody works for Brooks, the running company. Seriously, what's not to like?

I couldn't include all the great blogs that I read, so if you are interested in what else I read take a look at my Stop, Drop and Roll page!

Which bloggers do you admire?


  1. How did you find the other running bloggers, Jamie? And... I might actually have a seven- thing tuesday to write about!! #1- work today. #2-got new uniform at work that I had ordered- fit me perfectly so wore it all day! #3- Talked with sis-in-law Brenda tonite for awhile(while doing #4- walked 3 miles). #5- talked to team utopia on fb to set up run for sunday on stockade course. #6- Heard weather forecast of possible #@!!snow on Thursday- probably not- but don't even want to think of possibility!! #7- watching crazy cat, Lupi, running around like a nut upstairs here!!

  2. You are too nice to include me in this! :) Thank you so much!! I've finally got back to my computer after a long and hectic weekend. Can't wait to read about your 1st half marathon!!

  3. Aww thanks for including me. I feel so honored, especially since all the other blogs that you listed are my favorites too. And I hope to meet up with you at some race hopefully soon. I can't believe your eventual goal is the iron man. As awesome as it would be to do that, I am a bad swimmer and a biker. Do you plan on running a marathon any time soon? And which half marathon are you and Mike considering in January?

  4. Joan - I found some originally by just googling "running blogs" and then I found others by looking at what some bloggers read.

    It says snow for Rochester maybe on Saturday, I hope not!

    Ali - Of course I would include you!

    Rena - I hope we do actually get to do an Ironman, we were both swimmers so hopefully it won't be too hard to do all three at the same time. Biking would be the one thing that we would probably have to work the hardest at.

    We are 99% sure that we are going to sign up for the Wineglass Marathon on September 30, 2012, you should do it too!

    The half marathon is called the Hangover Half, it is put on by the Hudson Mohawk Road Runners Club in Albany (Mike's mom is a member) and it would only cost us $6 (or so, that was last year's price). Since we can't see Mike's family at Christmas time we are most likely going to go just for New Year's weekend, but it will all depend on the weather!

  5. Thanks for including me Jamie! :)